Who Are We?

The best team since the Thundercats, Voltron and the Power Rangers…

Seattle Washington. Yep, that’s my name.

I’m just some guy who writes for money and now has the grand opportunity to write for free. Kind of. A writer by trade, I unfortunately can’t write everything that crosses my mind. The American media would be much more obscene than it already is. So like my peoples Tiff and Slim, I’m here to get a lot of stuff off my chest, mind and any other body part that seems fitting. All from the perspective of the guy who’s been told he “speaks so well” one too many times.

So kick back, relax and enjoy the words of yet another smart ass Black guy. Hopefully, they’ll make you laugh, weep and be utterly offended. You can thank me later.


If you don’t get it, its fine.

I’m just an educated black woman trying to make it. By day, I am a student. By night, I’m still a student. Sigh. Anyway, I enjoy writing and sharing my witty thoughts with those willing to read. I hope to keep you engaged.

I have joined forces with two articulate black men ::gasp:: in hopes of making you laugh, think, and get all hot and bothered (take that how you will) about a variety of topics. If nothing else, this will give something to do whilst you “work” for the man, or creep to the computer at night between dreams. Do enjoy. If not, so what? Just kidding…?

Slim Jackson

I’m your favorite witty blogger that uses an alias to avoid getting fired from his day job. I’m finding that the real world isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and I’m better off spending my spare time blogging in hopes that someone riding a unicorn will save me from the sharp suit shenanigans that I’m dealing with on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I like being grown and sexy. I just don’t think I need to wear a suit everyday to do it.

Writing is an outlet to a better place. Unfortunately, a lot of my writing is done from a cramped subway seat since I spend so much time getting to work, being at work, or coming home from work. Love me or hate me, you will enjoy my bloggings about everything and nothing. Oh yes. Oh yes you will.


7 responses to “Who Are We?

  1. Avid supporter of the collab

    You guys are great. Real excited about this over here! I’m sure I’ll see some ad’s on here, soon.

  2. ya’ll are all completely insane! lol (but i wouldn’t expect anyone who willfull associates with slim to be anything short of that…) i wish you all the best of luck with this, you are all gifted writers…

    tiff, you really did move me with your “when life throws you lemons” blog..got me thinking a little differently about some things…


    seattle…still figuring you out…lol…


  3. slim jackson,
    you don’t wear a suit.

  4. pnuck, not really understanding your comment? Some clarification please.

  5. Seattle Washington

    she obviously heard about your stint as a male stripper.

  6. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    Those were the good ole day, eh Slim??

  7. Look forward to being a regular reader!

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