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Facebook is Going to Ruin The World

Facebook has to be the best and biggest distraction since Internet Porn and AIM.  When it was just for college kids that was one thing, but now everyone has joined it.  Including some people’s Grandma’s.  It’s an addiction rivaling cocaine, well for Ole Grandma let’s say acid.  Shoot, look at yourself right now.  There’s a gleam in your eye as you pretend to do work at your desk as you toggle between our blog and Facebook.  I mean, keep reading the blog.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But you might want to stop putting your life on blast homie.  At least here you can have an alias, on Facebook  it’s all out there for others to see.  Which isn’t be a bad thing for some of us, but for others – whoa.  After looking at some profiles, I’m sure some folks out there have photos saved on their desktop for a lonely night or to pull a 50 Cent and put someone on blast.

Facebook’s Next Top Model

Women love to take pictures.  It’s been that way since the dawn of time.  Those etchings on the walls of caves (pause), yeah those were made by women.  They feel the need to chronicle everything, especially everything going on with them.  Getting ready for the party, drinking at the pre party, dancing at the party, sweating it out at the after party and catching back shots at the after after party.  No one cares.  I don’t need to see the glam shots on my News Feed.  Especially when the glam shots really aren’t that glamorous.  You won’t end up in the tabloids no matter how much you suck your gut in, put your hands on your hips and stand next to your ugly friend.  You know which one I’m talking about.  Yeah her.  The one who looks like a walk-on for the Cowboys.  What’s worse than those weekend warriors are the pseudo models.  I’m sorry to tell you this, but dude was lying to you.  He isn’t a real photographer.  Just like that guy wasn’t a real doctor.  And I’m not really a dentist.  So taking semi-nude photos of yourself and posting them on Facebook isn’t going to get you a modeling contract.  It may keep me and my friends enterained, but it isn’t going to get you a spread in Vogue.  Though it may have you spread out in Hustler…

“Look, Mommy’s Making an Eiffel Tower With Those Two Guys”

There used to be a time where it look a lot to reveal a young lady’s, ahem, “activities”.  But with all the questionable pictures some women have in their Facebook gallery, now everyone knows about their whorishness (yes that’s an actual word).  Yeah, your peers knowing you’re a jumpoff is one thing, but like any good man, I’m more concerned about the kids.  I doubt little Johnny wants to see his mom tonguing down dude from TKE while his brothers cheer, or wait for their turn, in the background.  Shorty’s kids may know how competitive she was in college, but I don’t think they want to see exactly how she won that wet shirt contest in Cabo.  After all, if their moms keep up their ways, some of these kids will have enough to deal with.  Like coming home early and catching their moms with their legs in the air as the cabana boy checks the pool’s temperature.  C’mon, let’s not add on to their mental troubles.

I Don’t Want to be “Facebook Friends” With Our President

As long as I can I remember, presidential candidates have been admitting to using drugs.  And that’s great! admirable.  I appreciate their honesty and Lord knows I’m not perfect.  Buck stops there though.  There aren’t any pictures of me holding, inhaling or running across a border with anything.  So I don’t want to see my future President face deep in a mound of what looks like, but obviously isn’t, talcum powder.  Matter of fact, I don’t really want to see my President face deep in anything.  I don’t want to see photos of the Leader of the Free World chasing the White Dragon.  Nor do I want to see him, or her, calling Earl after a long night with Milwaukee’s Best.  It’s one thing to hear about it, it’s another thing to see it.  Yeah I know our last three presidents have smoked weed and/or done some variation of cocaine.  So have a lot of folks.  But I bet their friends didn’t have to worry about being in the background of a photo that ended up on CNN.

Signing off and hoping that one of the folks in this picture doesn’t end up being the President in 2050,

Seattle – Y’know Shorty, I Dabble in Photography – Washington

The Children Are Not The Future

The Children Are Not The Future


8 Things That Make You Look Insecure

I’m not talking about the type of insecurity that is rooted in proof of prior dirt (e.g. He’s cheated before) or indications that he is currently getting cutty (pronounced buns) from elsewhere. I am referring to the type of insecurity that causes a woman to doubt how great she is, or calls into question a man’s expressed commitment to her. At times, we all have these moments. Maybe you’ve been hurt before. Maybe you have had experiences that did a number on how you value yourself. However, if you do any combination of these things on the regular, or anytime the opportunity presents itself, there may be other issues at play.

1. Checking his cellphone

Unless you are receiving calls on his phone, curiosity needn’t be this strong. Running through text messages, and incoming and outgoing calls just to see what’s up is suss (pronounced “suspect”). You may mess around and find something you didn’t want to see, or just as bad, something that you can misread and blow out of proportion, leading him to give you a firm shaking talking-to.

2. Asking mad (a lot of) questions

Where you going? Who you going with? Who’s gonna be there? What time are you coming back? Add the 150 watt bulb, and telephone book and you have a good old fashioned police interrogation. No one likes to be questioned, especially when there is a tone of doubt.

3. Trying to hack into email and facebook accounts/Asking for passwords

Its one thing if you already have his passwords because he needed you to check something for him, (or if he happens to leave his account open on your comp), but its another to try and figure them out and snoop around. Shh…can you hear that? It sounds like mistrust!

4. Over thinking everything

This a reoccurring theme with women. Because he didn’t respond to your text, email or IM instantaneously, doesn’t mean he’s creeping. Or sometimes, he actually means just what he says.

5. Doubting your place in his life

If he tells you that you mean the world to him, why not believe him. Barring him being one of those sleezy dudes that spits game at the rate at which he exhales, you questioning his honestly may result in you pushing him further away.

6. Wanting to be with him 24/7

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time alone with him. However outside of the warm and cuddly feeling he gives up, if your objective is just to be able to keep tabs on him…fall back.

7. Keeping your friends all in the mix

This is a fine line for women. It seems that by nature, we are inclined to consult with our home girls for a variety reasons: “which shoes should I wear?” “Should I get this dress or this sweater?” “How do I handle this?” This last question is where things get sticky. While it is good to have the perspectives of your friends, telling them every detail of your relationship, and letting them dictate your actions in your relationship, is an issue.

8.  Neediness

Ah yes, neediness.  There is a paper thin line between being a woman that likes to lean on her man, and needing him to do everything for you.  We all know that men need want their egos stroked and caressed like the shaft of a big, long…shot gun, but when you’re whiny, and play the broad damsel in distress role all the time, you’re probably more annoying than anything else.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, many insecurities do not manifest themselves consciously. And while they may have tangible consequences, we are often unaware of what they are, or how the come across to others.  It takes some real introspection to see what message you are sending via your actions. And this self reflection is not easy to achieve by any means. However, the effort it takes to stop, and listen to yourself (albeit sometimes after you have already done something crazy), does more than improve your relations with the opposite sex. Hopefully you will gain some insight into the sources of your craziness insecurity, and can get to improving relations with yourself.  Pause.

No Girl, It’s Not that Deep


Women have been known to ruminate over the little things, often to our detriment. We read into the actions of men as though we trying to break down the intricacies of Shakespearian poetry. We want to know why he does this, or doesn’t do that. What did he mean by this; there has to be more, right? Here’s a scenario:

Friend 1: Girl, he hasn’t responded to my text message. All I said was “Hey, what’s up hun?” What does this mean?

Friend 2: How long ago did you send it? Maybe you scared him when you said “hun”. Forget him.

Friend 1: Yeah, word. ::sadness ensues::

Ladies, we have all been on both sides of some variation of this conversation. And men, you have probably been the subject thereof. Here you have a woman trying to understand why homeboy hasn’t responded to her text with lightning speed. Maybe he’s busy at work. Maybe he is using the restroom. Maybe he’s in the middle of something. Or maybe he doesn’t want to talk right now.

What about when you meet a dude at…let’s say, the bookstore. You are both browsing in the same section. He speaks, offers some commentary on the book you just picked up. You get a little flustered and start wondering: OMG, how do I look? Is he checking me out? Is he going to ask for my number? And then, the unthinkable happens. He smiles, and walks away.

How about the man that has reached out to you because you two are in a mutual network (work, school, gym, etc.)? He offers some advice, offers you the chance to communicate further via email, phone, or in person. Maybe he even adds you on Facebook or MySpace. And what happens? We ask ourselves a million questions about this man and his actions.

This is how we often create undue stress for ourselves, and in our relationships with the opposite sex, sometimes even before any real intimacy happens (no, not just boot-knocking intimacy). Here are some ways to try to circumvent this.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Stop while you are ahead. Don’t over think. And don’t try to guess what you “think” might be in between the lines. There is a small chance the man meant exactly what he said.

Play it cool.

I’m pretty sure men can tell when a woman is being thirsty (overly anxious). This, as my co-bloggers have pointed out, is not what’s up. It just makes you look as lame as lamer than you are.

Don’t assume.

Yeah, you think you’re fly, and you very well may be. But that doesn’t mean he wants you like that. ::gasp:: He could just be a nice guy that knows how to engage in interesting conversation…and doesn’t want anything else from you.

Think logically and objectively.

I know, I know. This is hard for us. We are emotionally driven creatures. But try it. When you get that vague, yet impactful text, take a step back and pause. Avoid thinking about how you feel immediately and read the situation as it is presented to you. If this yields an outcome that is not to you’re liking, that’s ok. Call your girls, vent and move on. You’ll be better for it.

Thanks for playing.