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Stop Clutching Your Purse

A Little Something from Seattle

This edition of A Little Something from Seattle is brought to you by two friends of the site, Ainz from SHCollective and Lanny from… actually, she doesn’t have a website. She’s too cool for that sh*t.  Nonetheless, the video is hilarious.  It touches on the little bullshit trials and tribulations that Black dudes face everyday.  I have a job, I’m dressed respectably (by mainstream America standards) and I still can’t catch a break.  It’s a familiar story to any Black guy that happens to walk, try to catch a cab or ride an elevator.  So without further ado…

The Black Man’s PSA


That’s it peoples!  Have a great weekend.  I’ll drink one for you , or a couple.  Whichever.  Oh and be on the lookout for a post we have coming next week discussing yet another type of comical, yet infuriating, sh*t that Black dudes face constantly.  Stay tuned.

Seattle Washington aka “That Black Guy”