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A lot of people are asking who we are and what we’re about. We also know some people are shy about making comments. If you want to reach us regarding topics you would like to see covered, or to make confessions that you trust us not to reference in the blog, or about anything else relevant, send us an email here

We are also interested in hearing from other bloggers interested in Guest posting on our site. There’s nothing wrong with having a 4th way to take it sometimes…

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you continue to enjoy our bloggings. If you don’t enjoy ’em, oh well. We enjoy writing them, and will continue to do so anyways.

-The Three Ways All-star Team


3 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Great blog thus far. I’ve added it to the blogroll of my own site.

    I’d just like to suggest posting a widget for your blog archive, so that visitors can more easily determine what individual posts you have on your site, as well as when it was posted.

    As it stands now, between the label cloud and categories and thangs widget, its a bit confusing since I can’t tell exactly what posts/topics overlap with other posts/topics.

  2. Seattle Washington

    Good looks on the add and thanks for the suggestion J.R. I actually was trying to search for an article today and had a hard time doing so.

    So, be on the lookout for a few design changes.

  3. Hi sha money sister 😉 B! Thanks.

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