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Our Stuff is Packed. Pause.

So as we mentioned last week, we’re getting ready to move to a new home. We packed all the boxes and loaded the furniture into the truck. Starting this week, there will be some changes as we get cozy in our new spot:

  • Blog posts will be up Monday-Friday at midnight. Seems subtle, but makes a big difference behind the scenes.
  • New features. We’ve added some stuff based on reader feedback. All I can say is “comments”.
  • New layout… People with iPhones or iPod touches will be particularly happy. And there will be no Facebook groups saying bring back the old Three Ways!
  • An addition to the team.
  • Individuals subscribing to the site will need to re-subscribe to a new address, which will be provided when we launch.

So yeah. We’re about to be real super duper official. Can you feel the excitement??!?

Probably not.

But you will.


Three Ways Is Taking It Elsewhere

Aight folks. After 59 posts, 1,010 comments, and over 17,000 views, we’ve decided that we are outgrowing our apartment in our overcrowded apartment complex. We need a place to call home with no rules, restrictions, pests, and smells that make us gag when walking up the stairs. No longer can we deal with the broken elevator, small dog barking, and bed posts (other than our own) that are slamming against the walls through the wee hours of the night. We are taking the show elsewhere. Despite the poor credit and mortgage market, we’ve invested in some real estate. We are the proud owners of a fresh new web domain. Don’t bother trying to drop by our new house yet, because we haven’t moved in our stuff. We just gave our landlord notice that we are terminating the at-will leasing agreement and signed the paperwork for our new place. With that being said, we are looking for suggestions…


With that being said, keep checking in daily for the latests posts and updates regarding our new home. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend folks!

ACORN Helped Me Find My House,

The Last Stand (It’s the Remix Baby)

A Little Something From Seattle

For this segment, we decided to bring back an oldie, but a goodie.  I dug through the crates and found an original Seattle joint, The Last Stand.  Think it was somewhat appropriate after reading Slim’s post.  On that note, herrrre we go…

For some of us it is fast approaching, for some of us it is here and for some of us it’s already too late.  Some of us have been chasing it down since birth, others are avoiding it like it was death itself.  And now people are arguing for the right to do it just as much as people argue over when to do it.  What am I talking about?


It’s a widely known practice that’s about as puzzling as my intro.  No one quite knows what to do once you get into it, nor are they sure about how they feel about it.  Many men are conflicted.  On one hand, it’s tough enough being a boyfriend – always wrong, freedom slowly slipping away and you have more pussy (cat) thrown at you now than when you were single (Honestly ladies, what the f*ck?).  If it’s like this now… you see where I’m going.  On the other hand, no one wants to be that old dude in the club.  And no matter what any dude tells you, that’s always in the back of his mind.

I saw one in action recently and he just reaffirmed my thoughts.  There he was in all his glory.  A sixty-year old white man chillin at this lounge I frequent.  He had on his finest slacks and striped button down.  Unfortunately for me, and the rest of the folks in the spot, he decided he wasn’t going to button the appropriate amount of buttons on that shirt of his.  Proudly flaunting his aged taco meat as well as his tight gold chain.  And I don’t mean tight like it was hot.  No no no.  I mean tight as in it was going to pop off and fly in someone’s drink if he turned his head too quickly.  On top of all that, he was accompanied by a thirty something year old woman who was an escort.  Just to clarify, I’m not hating.  I’ve seen a sugar daddy in action, but this was far from it.  The woman was definitely an escort.  He was paying for the pum pum. That’s no good in my book.

So what are we young, upstanding gentlemen to do?  On one hand I know I’m far from ready to settle down, put up the white picket fence, have a golden retriever running around the yard and be tackled by some bad ass lil bastards kids calling me daddy.  Personally, I’m still thankful, yes thankful; I didn’t have any calls on Fathers’ Day.  (Shout out to the Black Men doing their thing though! What up Pops!!!)  But I can’t hold out forever because ladies have biological clocks and when they start ringing somehow I need to wake up?  Smh.  The dudes I know have been successful in treating it like any other clock.  Hitting the snooze, rolling over, putting the pillow over their heads and going back into blissful sleep.  But that won’t last very long.  Someday, we’re going to have to get up and face that new day when it’s “we”, not “me” and we have a miniature billboard on our ring finger.

I know a lot of us aren’t ready for that.  The biggest factor is freedom.  Sh*t, our ancestors fought for it for years!  I’m not ready for the last stand (the last time you stand as a free man), but what other choice do I have?  The Washington name, and good looks for that matter, need to carry on.  So ladies tell me – what’s up with the pressure for marriage?  If we’re happy as is, can we just be content with the current situation?

General Seattle – Pouring a Lil Liquor Out For His Fallen Soldiers – Washington

Skinny Women Need Love Too

By Sowhatiff? Jenkins

The archetype of a black woman isn’t tall and slim. Often, she is depicted or imagined as thick up top and down bottom: small waist, full hips, and a behind that makes one want to shake their head with a desire to beat in admiration of her figure. As such, there is an assumption that black women don’t have issues with weight, or how we view our bodies when compared to each other, or the majority. For example, when you think about those who struggle with eating disorders, what does the woman that popped into your mind look like? Probably that girl you in saw on the Abercrombie billboard..and my guess is…she wasn’t black.

Growing up in a family of shapely southern and Caribbean women, I was always (and still get) clowned for being “skinny” or “maga”.  At holiday dinners, I am encouraged to eat grown man portions. After not seeing a relative for some time, I am met with a look of concern, and get told to eat bread or food known to put on pounds. And please believe…I am not shy when it comes to my appetite. So what’s the deal? Why do I need to plump up? This idea speaks to an issue seldom talked about about in the black community: body image.

As a skinny black woman, I get mixed messages. When I look at the women often used on TV or in print ads, I see myself reflected, but only as far as my body type goes. Yep. I am thin like the white girls on the telly. And yeah, this awards me some positive comments related to the types of clothes I wear, or how fast my metabolism is. But, no you can’t see that thang from the front. Nope, I don’t have tig ole bitties…Instead I rock tittle ole littles. And when fully clothed, I don’t appear to have child bearing hips.

Living in this blasted blessed country, as a thick or thin woman, is easy to get mixed messages. In our homes and communities, we generally look one way. But when we turn on the television or pass a magazine stand, we are told how to lose weight or change our bodies. Which do we adhere to?

How do we reconcile the conflicting messages? Is body image even an issue at all among black women? How do we appreciate each other (and ourselves individually) without tearing each other down? How do skinny black women fair? What about the thicky thick ladies? What role do men play in furthering the issues?

I would love to read your good thoughts.

How Long Will You Take It (or Give It)?

A Little Something from Seattle

So after talking about our different tastes for the past week, we felt it was only appropriate to talk about something we all like – sex.  Don’t get all coy now, you wouldn’t be on a site called “Three Ways To Take It” if you were an angel.  Now, I was looking through the paper on my way to work and saw the blurb below.  


Good Sex Lasts From Three to Thirteen Minutes

"Good sex lasts from Three to 13 Minutes. ...Sex which lasted longer than 13 minutes was considered to go on for too long."


If you want more, you can check out the full article here.  Why a sex statistic made it to the front page of a major metropolitan newspaper blows my mind, but it makes for a good question.  Does good sex really only last from three to thirteen minutes?  The research seems to go against popular thought.  We often hear sex stories where it goes on forever, leaving both people in post-coital bliss.  Or, on the flip side, the sex was over quicker than how long it took you to disrobe.  Which in return, will make the sex quicker than how long it takes her to put her clothes back on. 

We here have our opinions, o trust we do, but we wanted to leave it up to you.  Does that stat stand up in court or is it as soft as R. Kelly in a 21+ club? (pause)

The Three Ways Crew

How About Some Caramel With That Chocolate

by Seattle (yes, that’s my name) Washington

To preface, I’m from the greatest city in the world.  For those of you who don’t know, don’t recognize the cockiness or are just in denial, I’m talking about New York City.  Coming from there, I was privileged to see many different races and ethnicities on a daily.  However, I recognize there are different perspectives about this topic especially with those from the South and West.  I hope that you will share your points of view in the comments section.

Although it would definitely make things easier, most things aren’t black and white.  Even with a topic like interracial dating, it’s often forgotten there are other dating arrangements besides the obvious.  There are Brothers and Sisters who date Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern as well as a slew of other ethnic women and men.  The weird thing is some of these couples fly under the racial radar, while others get just as many looks as if they were Black/White couple.  Case in point…

“It’s Cool, She’s Spanish”

Hip Hop, urban culture and a close living quarters have allowed people from the West Indies, Africa and the Americas to chop it up.  So it was inevitable that Black men started to date Latinas, I mean have you seen them? they’re lovely women.  Sisters still may get upset that “one of their men” is dating a Latin woman, but she won’t be that mad.  Why?  Well to quote, “She’s basically Black.”  A sweeping generalization seeing that Latin culture is very unique, but our shared African blood and experiences as colored folk in America do give us some commonalities.  That may be different in places where Black/Brown relations are stressed or nonexistent, but in NYC and most of the Northeast it’s ok for Blacks and Hispanics to date.  You’ll see them walking all over the Five Boroughs hand in hand, and some Sisters won’t even bat an eye.  Shoot, that’s probably their homegirl anyway. 

“Well, They’re Not Really a Minority”

No, that’s not a statement from Bill O’Reilly.  That’s the number one reason I’ve heard uttered by Sisters as to why it’s not cool to date Asian women.  They don’t get the same pass that Hispanic women have.  Model Minority status, strained relations from the 90s and separatist attitudes in both cultures may be why.  More likely it’s because Blacks and Asians just don’t chill like Blacks and Hispanics do.  When’s the last time you saw that kind of clique in the club?  If you have, shoot me an email.  All that withstanding, Black men and Asian women started to get together at some point.  Credit it to Raekwon declaring “You looking good fly colored Asian” on his track “Ice Cream”, the original hip hop power couple Russell and Kimora or maybe even Chan and Tucker fighting evil doers on the big screen.  Even though it’s becoming bigger in the media, don’t expect to see Black women smiling at a Brother and his Asian wife playing with their mixed kids.  Even if the dude is Dave Chappelle or Tiki Barber.

Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

Some get passes, some don’t, but all Brothers who date outside their race have one commonality.  An open mind.  Which allows them to date for either sheer physical attraction, because that’s all they know or for another reason.  It being, “I wasn’t getting any love from Black women, so f–k it.”  Sounds harsh, but it’s true.  I, and countless other guys, have witnessed Black women show no interest in a particular Brother until they see him on the quad walking with some [insert non-Black] woman.  And if you are interested, you have a hell of a way of showing it (please reference Sowhatiff’s article “Are Black Women Really That Stank?”).  To paraphrase a brutally honest friend of mine – Black men are found attractive by women of every race, so if Black women don’t want me, f–k it.  Who can blame these Brothers.  It doesn’t take a college education to know that you go where the opportunities are.  So if women of other races are showing us love and that leads some of us away from Black women for a few, or forever, so be it.  Like they say, those Brothers probably couldn’t handle a Sister anyway, right?  Riiiiiiight.

So why the double standard ladies?  Why do some Brothers get the thumbs up and proverbial pat on the ass for dating a Dominican woman while others get the eye roll when they’re seen walking with their Chinese better half?  Let me know.

And I’m out!

The Newly Knighted, Sir Washington


Oh, I couldn’t leave without shouting out RightCoastLexSteele for putting the battery in our backs to do this Three Part Series.  Much respect!