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Black Republicans

By Slim Jackson

Sorry. This post is not about the Hova and Nas song.

By now, most of us have seen the video clip of the “that black guy” (Pronounced “that one”.) standing up at the McCain-Palin rally and urging Gramps to defeat Obama in the election. To quote the exact verbiage of one James T. Harris: “I am begging you, sir. I am begging you. Take it to him.”

Many Black folks, myself included, heard this same comment as “Massa please. Please massa. Go on and take it to ’em massa.” Now I know he was just supporting the candidate that he wants to win the election, but I was disgusted. This dude had the audacity to stand up in front of that white audience and urge McCain to defeat the Black presidential candidate on national television. I wanted to press block, up, up, high punch and do a Fatality. All I could see was another Black man shucking and jiving on a major stage with strings attached to his arm. What an effin sell out. I really hate Black Republicans.

Okay, so maybe I don’t hate them. I’m sure we have Black Republicans reading this blog. I used to go to school with a homosexual Black Republican that wrote for the most Conservative newspaper on campus. What a oxymoron. He used to act out in class in hopes of getting attention, only to end up hated. But that type of Black Republican is different…because it’s funny. James T. Harris…not funny. It’s interesting though. Had James been at a Barack Obama rally and said this, it would’ve been perfectly fine. It would’ve been just another negro supporting a negro. Neither Blacks nor Whites would’ve thought anything of it. There seems to be this misconception that Black Republican = Sell Out or Shucking and Jivin for the Man. Even with my open mind, I still fall victim to the assumption.

I don’t believe that one’s political affiliation really equates to how one feels about his or her people. I think the issue is all in perception. I am not could be a Black Republican. But even if I was, there are certain opinionated comments that I would never make. My issue is with the uppity ones who say ish like “Black people are lazy. They just need to get off their asses and get a job.” Or something along the lines of “I benefitted from Affirmative Action, but I really didn’t need it and I don’t think the rest of Black America needs it either. People need to stop selling drugs and get a real job and work hard.” Now within these ignorant comments, there are legitimate Republican views. It’s how the person chooses to express them that creates the issue.

How does everybody else feel about Black Republicans in general? Our friend who tried to hug it out with McCain is just one example. I still wanna stick a blade into his Hummer tires. That’s just my opinion though.

Voting for Obama Cuz He Looks Like Me,

Addendum: Check out this video from White Republicans in Ohio. This is what scares me the most about this Race for Race…


Palin Did Well. Well, Good Enough.

This intelligently ignorant conversation about the Vice Presidential debates is brought to you by the Three Ways crew.  With an emphasis on conversation.  Unlike when you watch those folks on TV, you don’t have to yell at the screen to express your views.  Type it out.  We want to hear, well see, what you have to say.  And with that said, onto our regularly scheduled programming…

Good morning.  I hope you joined the rest of the nation and watched the Vice Presidential Debates last night.  Or at least caught the replays on the news.  Before watching them I have to admit, I thought Palin was going to get destroyed by Biden.  In fact, within the first 15 minutes it looked like she was about to burst into tears and run off stage sobbing like an embarrassed little girl that messed up her lines during the school play.  But she didn’t.  So props to her for that.  She wasn’t great though, quite mediocre in actuality.  Which is the problem.  Most pundits, especially those on Fox News, are saying that she did well enough.  That she didn’t mess things up for McCain.  That logic is horrible.  It’s like saying just because a handicapped kid can make jump shots, we should put him in the NBA.  

Yes, she can talk, look into the camera and regurgitate processed information.  A trained parrot can do that.  She also diverted questions, didn’t answer in totality and rambled on and on about nothingness.  She was shooting bullets in the air like an enthused terrorist hoping to hit something.  Let’s not forget that this woman is 2nd in command.  After Dick Cheney’s rule term, we can see that position is quite important.  Especially with a presidential candidate that’s nearing his death bed.  We can’t settle for good enough.  I don’t want a 3rd round draft pick coming off the bench when my starter gets hurt.

Not to mention the verbage.  The colloquialism isn’t befitting of a person vying for such a high office.  Joe Six Pack and the Hockey Moms?  Shout out to the 3rd grade class?  Imagine if Obama or Biden referred to Fred Forty Ounce and the Basketball Moms as well as gave a shout out to the kids back in the Chi or Delaware.  It would be a wrap.  Quickly.  I want my President to be intelligent.  The same goes for my VP.  I like the personal connection, but I don’t need them to be the type I’d have a beer with.  I know the type of people I drink with.  I don’t want them to be running my country.  No offense guys.  

Just saying, let’s call a spade a spade here.  If she wants to compete with the big dogs, she has to have the same requirements. There’s no “good enough” when it comes to the White House.  

Seattle – Stay Classy San Diego – Washington


It’s Jesus. It’s Superman. No, it’s Obama.

by Seattle Washington

There are a lot of high hopes already held for the Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama.  Probably more than Jesus had when he touched down.  If/when Obama gets elected, it’s said a wave of change will come in, reversing the many mistakes that have been made in the last eight years all while setting the country on a better path.  And that’s just the political side.  Many Black Americans are looking for him to save Black America too.  To lead us all to the proverbial promise land that we should’ve found years ago.  To fill the void that Jesse and Al tried so desperately, and ineffectively, to plug up since Malcolm and Martin were taken from us.  And that’s where things get a little shaky for me.

Leader of the Free World. Not the Black World.

Yes, he’s Black.  We claimed him instantly and, even better, he’s claimed us.  Take that Tiger.  But, last I checked Obama was running for President of the United States.  In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past 232 years, saving Black folk isn’t in the job description.  I hate to break it to you, but he isn’t going to free the incarcerated brothers that have been wronged, stop drug sales in the hood and legalize weed.  On second thought, he might do one of those…  Now, I don’t think Katrina Pt.2 will happen under his jurisdiction, but c’mon give the man a break.  Even MLK Jr. had more than four years to help us get our stuff together.

“You People Have No More Excuses”

Yeah, you know it’s going to get said when he’s elected President.  A lot.  If he does well at his job, whew.  Lord knows.  Funny thing is, it won’t just be White supremacists and Fox News shouting it from the rafters.  I bet you some Black folks will start co-signing too.  “He made it, why can’t the rest of you guys?”  Possibly true.  If one man can live the American Dream, and even help mold what that dream means, then another should be able to follow suit.  However, poverty, easier paths like crime, teenage pregnancies and a poor education (I could go on) will still plague the inner cities of America.  Until we cut off the root, you still will see some weeds in that garden.  Obama will have it in his power to get at a crucial cause though.  …Ahem, a wrecked public school system…

Obama Loves the Kids

People have already begun to say that he will positively affect the  little bastards  minority kids in school.  A face that looks like them running the country will surely be an inspiration to them all.  Letting them know that anyone can do it.  In my opinion, Bush should’ve let them know that.  If his slow ass can be president, surely a third grader with a solid knowledge of the alphabet and basic math can.  Seriously though, I’m not sure how much effect he will have on these kids.  I’m sure Obama on ABC, NBC and CBS will help but, can that counter every other Black male stereotype they see on MTV and Bamboozled Entertainment Television?  Only time will tell.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that we could have a Black President.  Shoot, it’s great to even have a Black candidate that’s taken seriously.  But, if/when he takes the office, he will be left with a bag of sh*t that he has to immediately turn into gold.  Let’s not get upset if he doesn’t happen lead us to the land of milk and honey as well.  After all, it’s not his job.  It’s ours.

Seattle Washington aka RightCoastLexSteele’s Campaign Manager

Wait, There’s a Black Guy Running for President?

Well 1/2 Black, but if we’re going by the One-Drop Rule… you know what I’m saying.  Anyway, we here at Three Ways have been discussing some real deep, personal issues lately, ranging from race to relationships.  However, we realize there are some bigger things going on in the world and we owe it to you guys to bring it up.  After all, this Presidential Election is said to be the most important of our lifetime.  With a Black man at the helm of the Democratic party and now a woman vying for the second highest position in America as a Republican, you could say it’s kind of a big deal.

Since it is a pivotal election, we wanted to get our shit straight facts in order before going off and writing anything for the masses.  Now with both Conventions coming to an end and the actual Presidential Election swinging into full gear, it’s the perfect time to start some dialogue.

Don’t expect the same muppet jib jab that’s on CNN, C Span and definitely not Fox News.  We’re not here to pull a Diddy and tell you to Vote or Die, even though you should if you’re going to run your mouth and complain about things.  Nor are we going to choose a side right now, even though we can’t stand some of the propaganda that was being said during the Republican National Convention.  We’re just going to bring it to you Three Ways.  Without all the mess.

Before we get into it, I’ll leave you with some links we found.  There’s something for the Red and the Blue states.  Have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.  Hungover, as usual.

Seattle and the Two Better Thirds of the Three Ways Crew


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McCain/Palin 2008