How Long Can You Go Without?

A Session with Dr. Seattle Washington

Ahem. Ladies and Gentleman, my colleagues have proved that you can go without food for 4 to 6 weeks and you can go without water for 2 to 10 days. But my fellow scientists have yet to discover how long a human being can go without the pseudo necessity known as sex. I plan on making a breakthrough in this field of Sex Deprivation, but I need your help. Now, if you’ve never danced the horizontal bachata, congrats and keep it tight, but you’re inadmissible in this study. I’m talking to my used up more experienced folks out there. I’ve been doing field research trying to complete my thesis, but the problem is everyone has their time frame of how long they can suffer last without sex.

There are a lot of different and conflicting answers for how long people can stand being in “The In Between, In Between Time”. The myth is that females have a higher tolerance, but some young ladies I’ve met (and I use that word loosely) don’t want to go a week without. Similarly, you have the Eric Benet and LL Cool J type dudes that need pum pum with their pancakes, some legs with their lunch and they’ll skip dinner just to go to bed. On the other side of the spectrum are the women can go up to six months and the monks that swear off venturing into Happy Valley for awhile just to clear their mind. 

We here at ThreeWays… y’know what, we’re not going to go into all that. I know I don’t want to. But I do want to hear from y’all. Are dudes the dogs that they’re characterized to be? Or are women just as randy? Or are both sexes more qualified to be a priest than some of those already in the church?

Holla at me and be honest. There’s nothing worse than a ho wearing a white dress.

Seattle – I’d Rather Go Without Water – Washington


26 responses to “How Long Can You Go Without?

  1. Vanessa aka Miss V

    i’ve gone a year without doing the do while i was in college. these days, i start getting antsy after a month.

    but, because i dont like to get down with random folks and i usually end up messing with dudes that don’t live in NYC, i expect my “wait time” to be longer.

  2. lol @ “i start getting antsy…”

    We know what you really meant.

  3. RightCoastLexSteele aka Your Guilty Pleasure

    Used up?

    I once went 13 years…lol

    Now here’s the thing…no matter how sweet…oh so succulently, voluptuously, delictibaly sweet a woman’s garden of delight may be, there is nothing as good as home cookin’. Home cookin’? You know…righty. Or for some of you weirdos, lefty. You ladies may know it as Javier or maybe Thor. The single greatest creation besides yours truly is masturbation. I thank whatever Gods may be for this wonderful emancipation from slavery to punani. For starters, it gives me a night off from punching the clock. No need to put on a jaw dropping performance…I can be as selfish as I like. I could roll a L then rub one out in between Scrubs and the Daily Show. It’s the biggest no brainer in the world. Ok…I’ll stop ranting and answer the question. I could go without sex for as long as I have a right hand. Everybody knows you can’t go out with a loaded gun. I can’t begin to tell you how many nights a L and a good rub have saved me from the pitfalls of subparnesss. Shoot, there have times where I’ve set up booty calls, rubbed one out then canceled the booty call. Yes. It’s true.

  4. lol @ Rightcoast.


  5. I went 11 months & 2 weeks. It was stupid. I didn’t change my ways. Didn’t make me more intelligent. Only got hornier.


  6. Vanessa aka Miss V

    LoL @ LexSteele… thats a good point!

    And Slim, I’m glad you picked it up =)

  7. Hmm… Once I started doing the do and enjoying it, the longest I went without was 8 months.

    It really depends on what’s going on. If there are no good prospects, I really just block it out and try to keep it moving.

    But if I’ve got a consistent source (be it a boo or a b.u.d.d.y.) then I start trippin after a week and a half.

  8. Well there was a 3 yr break between the first time I had s3x and the second time I had s3x, does that count?

    I think college conditioned me to not go very long without. It was an abundance of ready, willing and able so getting some of the nah means wasnt a problem.

    I think I could go a while w/o s3x, but I couldnt go more that a month w/o the briddlies aka the head treatment.

    In a last resort (first option)Palmela Handerson has always been good to me.

  9. i think if you’re used to not getting it on the regular, like if you’re in a long distance relationship, the tolerance level is quite high. and after a while you don’t even think about it and the itch goes away. i feel its mind over body. and if you can do that, you won’t even have to masturbate…

  10. also if the vitamin D hasn’t been good in a minute, that also helps fuel the drought.

  11. Senor RightCoastLexSteele bka God's Gift to Humanity

    Immediate cancellations. Unless it’s a first time appt. or something really close by (and by close by I mean already in the crib/building and naked within 5-10 feet of me), yes, I cancel. It’s like eating a really heavy lunch…it makes you more likely to pass on dinner.

  12. I’ve gone a year and 5 months and I never want to do that ever again. Last year I gave up all sex, including intimate moments with myself for Lent. It was a rough 40 days and nights (but boy did I enjoy breaking my fast).

    If I don’t have a steady relationship or arrangement going, then I tend to go w/o. I’m brand loyal. I find something I like and I stick with it. Example, I like Coke, not Pepsi, not RC Cola, not Shasta, Coke. If I can’t get a Coke, then I just don’t drink soda.

    Currently, it’s been 2months, 3 weeks, and 6 days


    … not that I’m counting.

  13. Seattle Washington

    ife1love – I’m all about the brand loyalty, but a lot of spots don’t carry my favorite beverage, Red Stripe. In which case I’ll move on to a Corona, Kingfisher, Sapporo, maybe even a Miller Lite if I’m feeling randy and it’s slim pickings on the tap. It happens. You have to try new things sometimes.

  14. If I’m left with a disappointing experience, that will mark the beginning for a drought for quite some time. There is nothing more disappointing than getting overly hyped, tapping in to your sensual side, and putting in work when the stroke is being made with a putter instead of a driver. I didn’t get my golf attire on to hit some bogies, def trying to see some long shots. If I have a good experience, then I’d prefer not to go without for even a day, but I’ll wait if I have to because it’s just that good.

    But if it’s bad, awkward, short (2 fold), sloppy…NEXT.
    Oh and a dude could be good for months and then get really bad, consistency is key people!

  15. Well, the longest I went was 12 years and 9mnths (from the womb until 8th grade). And boy 0 boy, I don’t think i’d ever do that again. PUNNANY IS HEAVEN! Wait, let me restate that; GREAT PUNNANY IS GREAT, yes RIGHT COAST, even better than the HAND! The most wonderful thing is actually prolly SOME WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL HEAD MOTION. That right there can determine whether you get the WANG SLANG or the Hi-Yuh…(u see the difference)

    Truthfully, its all mental though. If you can find enough things in a 24 hour, 7 day a week period to occupy your time, it really doesn’t become that big of a deal, at least for guys. I mean by nature we’re horny creatures so we’re going to think about sex anytime we see a beautiful woman but i’ve been in situations where I purposely w/held my COCC ROCCET from mi lady friend and she became much more aroused and horny herself and once we started roccing, we’d rock everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE (train stations, offices, cars, parks, etc). But sometimes, just sometimes, PATIENCE and waiting can have its advantageous….


  16. WithRainbowSprinkles

    I think it has a lot to do with how you view sex. If sex is an emotional thing for you and you haven’t made any emotional connections or ties with anyone, then it’s not that hard to go without. The longest I’ve gone is 7 months, and when I broke it, it was good in the moment (actually great) and even the day after, but quite honestly it was just for the moment and at the end of they day, I still kinda felt unfulfilled. All that said, I’m trying this whole celibacy thing again, I’ll let you know how long I last.


  17. Sprinkles, have you caved to the pressure yet?lol.

  18. The longest I’ve gone is 15 mos. and I was in a relationship! It was tough but you do what you gotta do.

    Recently I didn’t for three months and it was cool and I am not planning on it again until after Christmas sometime a la so I can have the man I want it…

  19. Its all about where are you in life. There was a report in the 90’s that said most teen sex occurs after school til about 7pm. Wow what a shock unemployed people having sex in the middle of the day. This behaviour stayed with some of us that went to college (you are still listed as “unemployed”). In fact one can argue that hood life or college life (which are socially VERY similar to one another) or both in our late teens is what set us up for what we THOUGHT regular sex was supposed to be like.

    And then we had to PAY ALL OF THE BILLS.

    That and some of us pursued CAREERS not just becoming content with a job.

    Dream chasing means sacrificing (remember Kanye’s line about “being locked in a room for three summers”) sidenote**in college you are NOT dream chasing just completing a bunch of non intertwining tasks.

    ..Now back to sacrificing…especially the things you love but dont NEED to acheive said dream.

    For me since I started chasing the dream in 01 its been rough…like one woman a year thing. But working 4-12, shooting and editing vidoes and films doesnt leave me the time I had when I was 27 and that was only 5 years ago. In the end I think its what are you doing day to day. If your greatest success was getting a degree then maybe you still bone the way teenagers do.

  20. Well the longest I went is 23 years, 10 months, and counting…and It’s really not so bad! I hardly have sexual desires the way I used to when I was teenager. Except for the late spring/early summer heats and the monthly PMS weeks; I’m pretty much numb. Oh well, I’ve kept myself crazy busy with school, work, socializing, career planning, dance class, scuba class, weight training, needle point, drawing, piano, photography and other skill gaining. I almost never allow myself to stay still, except for when I collapse each night. 🙂

  21. Seattle Washington

    Wait, wait, wait. Jac. You plan on walking through the desert for over an extended period of time? Not even Moses wanted to do that.

    Seriously though, is that something women often do? Plan out the next time they’ll have sex?

  22. I went like 2 years in my mid twenties… I wasn’t with anybody and was grinding so it wasn’t horrible, until the last 6 months.. my girls made jokes about the coochie cobwebs but when I did get back in the saddle it was lovely…..

  23. Most lionesses will have reproduced by the time they are four years of age. Lions do not mate at any specific time of year, and the females are polyestrous.

    As with other cats, the male lion’s penis has spines which point backwards. Upon withdrawal of the penis, the spines rake the walls of the female’s vagina, which may cause ovulation.

    During a mating bout, which could last several days, the couple copulates twenty to forty times a day and are likely to forgo eating. A lioness may mate with more than one male when she is in heat.

    Wikipedia and Animal Planet is like porn to me.

  24. I don’t even know what vajayjay looks like aside from what I’ve seen on tv. I’m more pure that Fiji Water.

  25. In addition there are some Gender Cultural differences here. As teens Girls are not expected to get it on at the rate of Boys.

    Therefor Woman can talk of celibacy and not having sex and be cheered by other women.

    Men that do this, get sideway looks from women unless she is really into her relgion and every major one touts celibacy as huge thing you must do.

    In the end EVERY women on this board thinks SOMETHING is wrong with a man if he hasnt had sex in say a two or three months time or God forbid a years time..if he not a strict Christian or Muslim dude, we as men are expected to keep up (pun intended!!) the sex on a routine basis.

    Now how many women dated a man (and had sex with him at some point) that you was his Rainmaker…yea how great was that sex?

    This is the conumdrum..good sex means you are having it often…not necessarily with the same person or a alot people but often.

    You not only date who some one use to sleep wit you date their frequency…Eric Benet anyone.

  26. In the end EVERY women on this board thinks SOMETHING is wrong with a man if he hasnt had sex in say a two or three months time or God forbid a years time..if he not a strict Christian or Muslim dude, we as men are expected to keep up (pun intended!!) the sex on a routine basis.

    Uh… no we don’t and who said that?

    I know I don’t believe that. I have plenty of male friends and men I’ve dated before who have abstained for months at a time. I also once was interested in a guy who was a virgin…. and no this wasn’t in high school… dude was like 21. He wasn’t fanatically religious he just said sex was something special he wanted to share only with his wife. He wasn’t some super uptight guy, he was a regular dude, he just wasn’t giving out the Captain Standish*.

    I’ve know guys who regularly choose to keep it in their pants for weeks or months at a time. Not for religious reasons, but because they’ve decided not to fall into that “I’m a man and men hide the sausage*, it’s what we do, so I’m gonna give to all that are willing” idiocy. They

    Good sex does not mean that you are doing it often. I am fully confident in my “bust it baby” abilities (did I just say that?) but haven’t really ever had sex often, with the same person or with a lot of people. To me the keys to good sex are confidence, a positive sexual self image, and a willingness to give and receive (ie., not selfish).

    I have no problems being some man’s “Rainmaker”, I pride myself is being able to give as good as I get.

    I think people need to put all of the Cultural Gender and any other norms to the side and do what the Ef they think is right. If you try to live up to all of societies rules you’ll end up in a ball on some shrink’s couch crying into a pillow. At some point in life you have to question everything, otherwise you’ll just be doing what you were told. I’m big on being firm ::pause:: in my beliefs and the only way to do that is to be sure that they are mine, and I do that by questioning and exploring my options.

    * I’ve noticed that we all seem to be big fans of sexual colloquialisms, so I decided to pull out my favorite reference book, The Big Book of Filth: 6500 sex slang words and phrases. I picked it up off the Border’s clearance table in college. It’s a great resource for those who feel lexically challenged and want to increase their vocabulary of sexual vulgarism.

    Captain Standish – 18 Century [he always stands for a lady]

    hide the sausage – 1940 [Australia]

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