Facebook is Going to Ruin The World

Facebook has to be the best and biggest distraction since Internet Porn and AIM.  When it was just for college kids that was one thing, but now everyone has joined it.  Including some people’s Grandma’s.  It’s an addiction rivaling cocaine, well for Ole Grandma let’s say acid.  Shoot, look at yourself right now.  There’s a gleam in your eye as you pretend to do work at your desk as you toggle between our blog and Facebook.  I mean, keep reading the blog.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  But you might want to stop putting your life on blast homie.  At least here you can have an alias, on Facebook  it’s all out there for others to see.  Which isn’t be a bad thing for some of us, but for others – whoa.  After looking at some profiles, I’m sure some folks out there have photos saved on their desktop for a lonely night or to pull a 50 Cent and put someone on blast.

Facebook’s Next Top Model

Women love to take pictures.  It’s been that way since the dawn of time.  Those etchings on the walls of caves (pause), yeah those were made by women.  They feel the need to chronicle everything, especially everything going on with them.  Getting ready for the party, drinking at the pre party, dancing at the party, sweating it out at the after party and catching back shots at the after after party.  No one cares.  I don’t need to see the glam shots on my News Feed.  Especially when the glam shots really aren’t that glamorous.  You won’t end up in the tabloids no matter how much you suck your gut in, put your hands on your hips and stand next to your ugly friend.  You know which one I’m talking about.  Yeah her.  The one who looks like a walk-on for the Cowboys.  What’s worse than those weekend warriors are the pseudo models.  I’m sorry to tell you this, but dude was lying to you.  He isn’t a real photographer.  Just like that guy wasn’t a real doctor.  And I’m not really a dentist.  So taking semi-nude photos of yourself and posting them on Facebook isn’t going to get you a modeling contract.  It may keep me and my friends enterained, but it isn’t going to get you a spread in Vogue.  Though it may have you spread out in Hustler…

“Look, Mommy’s Making an Eiffel Tower With Those Two Guys”

There used to be a time where it look a lot to reveal a young lady’s, ahem, “activities”.  But with all the questionable pictures some women have in their Facebook gallery, now everyone knows about their whorishness (yes that’s an actual word).  Yeah, your peers knowing you’re a jumpoff is one thing, but like any good man, I’m more concerned about the kids.  I doubt little Johnny wants to see his mom tonguing down dude from TKE while his brothers cheer, or wait for their turn, in the background.  Shorty’s kids may know how competitive she was in college, but I don’t think they want to see exactly how she won that wet shirt contest in Cabo.  After all, if their moms keep up their ways, some of these kids will have enough to deal with.  Like coming home early and catching their moms with their legs in the air as the cabana boy checks the pool’s temperature.  C’mon, let’s not add on to their mental troubles.

I Don’t Want to be “Facebook Friends” With Our President

As long as I can I remember, presidential candidates have been admitting to using drugs.  And that’s great! admirable.  I appreciate their honesty and Lord knows I’m not perfect.  Buck stops there though.  There aren’t any pictures of me holding, inhaling or running across a border with anything.  So I don’t want to see my future President face deep in a mound of what looks like, but obviously isn’t, talcum powder.  Matter of fact, I don’t really want to see my President face deep in anything.  I don’t want to see photos of the Leader of the Free World chasing the White Dragon.  Nor do I want to see him, or her, calling Earl after a long night with Milwaukee’s Best.  It’s one thing to hear about it, it’s another thing to see it.  Yeah I know our last three presidents have smoked weed and/or done some variation of cocaine.  So have a lot of folks.  But I bet their friends didn’t have to worry about being in the background of a photo that ended up on CNN.

Signing off and hoping that one of the folks in this picture doesn’t end up being the President in 2050,

Seattle – Y’know Shorty, I Dabble in Photography – Washington

The Children Are Not The Future

The Children Are Not The Future


8 responses to “Facebook is Going to Ruin The World

  1. Senor RightCoastLexSteele bka God's Gift to Humanity

    This post seems to be directed towards the ladies more than anyone else, so it would behoove me not to mention to the gentlemen that they too are susceptible to getting put on blast. The people that really get jacked up on the ones who dont even have a facebook account, but all their friends do and consequently they get put on blast unbeknowst to them, until their girlfriend calls them up on some Erykah Badu ish. Facebook, myspace and everything in between in the devil. And I just found out from some of my young lads that there is a new joint called juicycampus.com. If you thought facebook was bad, my yout, yuh nuh see nuttin yet!!

  2. Facebook definitely has turned into quite the distraction and has created a lot of negatives such as the ones you mentioned.

    I am a HUGE fan of LinkedIn on the other hand. Initially I loved facebook for the networking, it makes it much easier to stay in touch with people you don’t feel comfortable just calling up seeing how they are doing. But with facebook you could always send a message or do a wall post to check on ppl.

    LinkedIn has become my new thing because in my field, HR, networking is huge and it’s a great tool to stay connected with people who may get you your next job. And it is very professional. I see my self start to be on that site more than facebook…may be shocking, but that’s what happens as you grow older I guess.

  3. Besides using it for my fanbase, I find FB pointless.

    So much pretentiousness, it’s ridic.

  4. lol @ pretentiousness. That word always makes me laugh. I see ya point though.

  5. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    Yeah word. FB is merely a distraction for me as I zone out between lectures. I do find myself looking for cute pics of me from other friends albums though…that has stopped now though since the fun in my life has largely disappeared. Sigh.

    I remember a time this summer when a group of young people at a particular university had their lives damn near ruined by FB because of potentially racist remarks and such. Smh.

    I think our perception of FB has changed as we have gotten older and now have reputations to build and liabilities to avoid. Kids in college have little sense of the big picture…bless their little hearts.

  6. Vanessa aka Miss V

    i think FB is great… i don’t use it very often, but i’ll admit that i’m a little nosey, and i enjoy reading the crazy stuff people on their profiles. most importantly, it helps me to grab pics of myself that other people have… i always forget my camera at home.

    so a word of advice folks, make your profile private, use the limited profile feature… it def saves you from embarrassing convos with ur employer, professor, etc etc.

  7. Its not so much FB than its myspace and BP. To me these sites suck and swallow. Full of grown women in all kinds of sexually suggested poses with disclaimers about “not up here for hook ups or booty calls”.

    Ok listen the best piece of pu$$y I ever (or any man) ever had we never got it by saying “I just knew you was down to blow d!ck and let me fcuk you and skeet on..wherever I want…and how did I know..that pic of you in those knee high leather boots with nothing else on and you was looking back at your sidekick yea that sealed the deal for me”.

    Also its clear that these women prove that SOME women WANT TO be objectified and reduced for whatever reason to body part(s) and pieces of flesh and fleeting fantasy.

    Even the more classier dressed women (no flesh beyond length of skirt or at a beach in bathing suit) dont respond to the most non sexual replies or introductions.

    I guess SO MUCH attention to half naked men would distract the shorty that “dont get down like that”.

    Last I know for a fact women are “lurking” on these sites…millions of women (yes EVEN black women) sit there oggling the Joe Six Pack (and in some case his well endowed Assistant) .

    I got friends who on bets have seen how many “respecatble” women would holla at a man with a bone hard six pack in his boxers -no shirt in front of his Benz truck.

    HUNDREDS of em from all across the States. Some were “sluts” but the rest had the usual “I am not up here for hook ups” yea right.

  8. True that. Never joined facebook but definitely had Myspace. I dropped my page when I saw a childhood friend had asked me to be her Myspace friend and the whole scope of her pregnancy pictures on it.

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