Watch Out For the Big Girls

This week’s link is brought to you by Sowhatiff Jenkins

Yall know that saying right? It goes “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Well dammit if this video doesn’t bring that to life. I pray that you have headphones or something at your desk or cubicle, because the sound in this video is simply hilarious. If not, the image will still have you rollin. (Give it some time to load and fast forward to 2:35)

I don’t have anything against big girls, but…there are just some things you should not do. I was feeling Scarlet in the beginning. She was clearly trying to sing some pain away. But sometimes, you gotta leave it at the words boo. Why did she have to do that to the table? Smh.

Peace in the middle,

Sowhatiff “Sometimes I table dance in wedges” Jenkins


11 responses to “Watch Out For the Big Girls

  1. OMG. I swear… I just gasped and stared at the video with my mouth wide open. THat was way more horrible than I expected. Like that shit looked like she coulda gotten seriously injured! But then when she was writhing around on the floor, it got funny.

    Is this even REAL? I mean… who would even let a video like this get out?

  2. Wowwwwww!

    I did feel kind of bad for laughing because she sounded like she was in so much pain, but damn you could hear the table creaking a little bit too.


  3. Pure comedy!!! lol

  4. See, I’ve watched this video on a different site than youtube and it killed me; the musical accompaniment was great! Check this version: lfriends-table-dance-goes-wrong/

  5. omg i can’t stop watching this. peep the movie promo:

  6. Right now my friend is choking with tears and laid out on this. TF? What is this fool doing?

    Oh dear sweet baby Jesus in the manger

  7. Big girls are uh… doing it big and taking over YouTube i see:

  8. I know it wrong to laught but… DAMN….. Wait.. why are they playing we fall down at the end of the video… bwwaaahaaahaaahaaa.

  9. wow! ouch! at lease she can sing.

  10. omg..poor baby. i knew that it would get dicey once she got on that table.

  11. Vanessa aka Miss V

    lmao that was hilarious

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