Black Republicans

By Slim Jackson

Sorry. This post is not about the Hova and Nas song.

By now, most of us have seen the video clip of the “that black guy” (Pronounced “that one”.) standing up at the McCain-Palin rally and urging Gramps to defeat Obama in the election. To quote the exact verbiage of one James T. Harris: “I am begging you, sir. I am begging you. Take it to him.”

Many Black folks, myself included, heard this same comment as “Massa please. Please massa. Go on and take it to ’em massa.” Now I know he was just supporting the candidate that he wants to win the election, but I was disgusted. This dude had the audacity to stand up in front of that white audience and urge McCain to defeat the Black presidential candidate on national television. I wanted to press block, up, up, high punch and do a Fatality. All I could see was another Black man shucking and jiving on a major stage with strings attached to his arm. What an effin sell out. I really hate Black Republicans.

Okay, so maybe I don’t hate them. I’m sure we have Black Republicans reading this blog. I used to go to school with a homosexual Black Republican that wrote for the most Conservative newspaper on campus. What a oxymoron. He used to act out in class in hopes of getting attention, only to end up hated. But that type of Black Republican is different…because it’s funny. James T. Harris…not funny. It’s interesting though. Had James been at a Barack Obama rally and said this, it would’ve been perfectly fine. It would’ve been just another negro supporting a negro. Neither Blacks nor Whites would’ve thought anything of it. There seems to be this misconception that Black Republican = Sell Out or Shucking and Jivin for the Man. Even with my open mind, I still fall victim to the assumption.

I don’t believe that one’s political affiliation really equates to how one feels about his or her people. I think the issue is all in perception. I am not could be a Black Republican. But even if I was, there are certain opinionated comments that I would never make. My issue is with the uppity ones who say ish like “Black people are lazy. They just need to get off their asses and get a job.” Or something along the lines of “I benefitted from Affirmative Action, but I really didn’t need it and I don’t think the rest of Black America needs it either. People need to stop selling drugs and get a real job and work hard.” Now within these ignorant comments, there are legitimate Republican views. It’s how the person chooses to express them that creates the issue.

How does everybody else feel about Black Republicans in general? Our friend who tried to hug it out with McCain is just one example. I still wanna stick a blade into his Hummer tires. That’s just my opinion though.

Voting for Obama Cuz He Looks Like Me,

Addendum: Check out this video from White Republicans in Ohio. This is what scares me the most about this Race for Race…


23 responses to “Black Republicans

  1. I wish this post was about the Jay/Nas song.

  2. I may get a lot of crap for saying this, but my knee-jerk reaction is that I kind of feel like Black republicans are just expressing their individuality, maybe they don’t want to just follow the crowd and we all know America supports being an individual.

    What I think I’ll get crap for is that lately I’ve been reading about this idea that white people are getting upset when black people are ONLY voting for Barack because he is black. That they think Barack is great and are probably voting for him too but they don’t like the fact of soley voting on race alone. I have to say I kind of agree. Even though parts of me are voting because I think it’s about damn time we have someone other than a white male in office. However, I did thoroughly research each person running way back in December of 07 to make an educated decision. I’m honestly have no idea how many people do that but I’d guess not as many as should.

    I got off topic, but yeah I mean I am cool with Black republicans, as long as they and every other person who makes a decision of which party or candidate they support based on research and personal values and beliefs.

  3. Senor RightCoastLexSteele bka God's Gift to Humanity

    Well, well, well. Good morning, laddy. I like Black Republicans. I am a Black Republican. (OMG!) It’s what happens when you get money; they hand you a white woman and a new voter’s registration card. Why am I a Republican? Because like Gramps McCain and his caretaker Sarah Paleface, I believe Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber can do it on their own. The government needs to get out my damn pocket. I am all for helping folks, but only the ones that want to help themselves. Not all black people are lazy, but there are some lazy ones. Not all black people sell drugs, but I know a few that do. It’s not just them digging in my pockets; it’s the hicks up in the hills that live in a double wide and have Dale Earnhardt #3 stickers all over their trucks. It’s the 19 immigrants that came over on the same passport and now are hustling the PA and Medicaid system. I’ll stop generalizing and get specific.

    I am a landlord. I own everything the sun touches. I have a tenant. My tenant is on PA. So every month, from the collective efforts of the citizens of the great state of New York, I get a check for the majority of the lease I have her signed to. On top of that benefit, she receives food stamps for her, her 4 kids and consequently her baby’s daddy (who stays with some fire ass trees by the way), a check for utilities, and as I found out recently, a check for child care as well. All tallied up, she gets more in assistance than I take home. The only reason I dont take home more is because I pay taxes that help pay her PA. Now, everyone needs assistance. But she also has a big screen tv, Ashley furniture and a Expidition until her brother got pulled over without a license. After talking with her this weekend, I discovered she’s taking less hours at her job so her PA dont get cut. In her own words “f*ck paying rent, I’m trying to get a whip.”

    You are absolutely right, my political views dont mean I hate my people. Honestly, as much as affirmative action has helped us (as well as white women who the law actually benefits more), I really wish we didnt need it, but we do. I dont want take anything away from people, but I’d like for them to be empowered to do more. Welfare to work is a great concept, but people actually have to get to work. Obviously the Republican agenda and philosophy is not the cure, but neither is digging in my damn pockets.

    All that being said, hell no I’m not voting for Gramps. Like Chris Rock said, he was too old 10 years ago. I was not always sold on Obama, especially since I dont like going with the flow and I originally felt that there were a lot of people just voting for him because he’s black. And there probably still are, and they are definitely people not voting for him because he’s black. But at the end of the day, we need a better education system and we need to get the hell out of Iraq and find Osama. As for the economy, I’m just hoping my net worth doesnt hit five figures or else I’m jumping out a window or running in traffic.

    -The WangSlanging Republican

  4. Republicans, in their direct social behavior and indirect political choice, have always advocated the preservation of original American ideals. That’s great.

    They’re also a group of people who believe that America can never, has never, and will never do anything without reasonable purpose, anything that is wrong; she is “one nation, under God’ whom God protects and guides. That’s great too.

    It is a severe misfortune for people of color to support a major political camp whose social belief is that slavery was necessary and inevitable because the Black man would not know how to act if he knew breadth of his freedom, that the threat and execution of war is the only way to change the world.

    The Holocaust set Jewish people back hundreds of years in terms of population, development, and cultural expansion—the Germans are still repenting. In the same light, the enslavement of Black people was mentally, socially, and ethically devastating to the community, and its consequences have effected subsequent generations. America has the obligation to financially and morally re-establish the culture they savagely colonized; judging by political intention alone, the Democratic Party for the last four decades has overwhelmingly rose to the obligation to support Black people in the effort to restore what was taken from them.

  5. Mr. Jackson this was a very interesting article. I would look at it like this; everyone has their reasons in supporting candidates. People have their reasons in supporting Obama as you mention ‘because he looks like you’ as well as other individuals have their reasons for McCain.

    I’m a strong independent and look for the greater good of the land whether it be republican or democrat (Bloomberg ’12). McCain is definitely touching on a few areas that even Republicans can’t even be down with. So in this situation, homeboy who is supporting McCain to me is one of the small percentages of weirdo Republicans that not even the Republicans can mess with.

    As for Black Republicans in general, I can understand why they side with that party. I mean think about it. As a college educated brother like yourself Mr. Jackson, we have all seen the sad side of this world post academia. TAXES!!! I ask, what was your first reaction when you saw your first paycheck and the amount of taxes that was taken from you? Think about it. I mean for the taxes they take away, you would rather be held at gunpoint!!

    I think there might even be a tax on oxygen these days. I would have to double check. But some black republicans may be a self made individuals who never asked for a help from anyone and they are getting their cream taken away because of TAXES!!!! And the Demos love their TAXES!!!

    So I kind of understand where black republicans are coming from when it comes to the almighty dollar. They may not be conservative, pro-NRA, pro-Lifers, pro-deregulation folk. They might be like you or me who worked hard for where they came from and hate seeing their bread already nippled into. It depends on the individual, just like how not all Black people are the same. Not all Black Republicans are the same.

  6. I think there are more Black Republicans than we actually think. I’m sure if you go down to the Bible Belt, where Black ppl hold many conservative ideals similar to those of republicans, you will find them.

  7. These comments are great. Steph, I don’t think the majority of people are as educated in their decision-making process as you are. Going to the candidate websites and reading all that political upspeak is kinda draining. It’s easier to default to voting for who momma and poppa vote for.

    Wangslang (PAUSE), is it just me or do a lot of Island Folk vote Republican because of conservative and traditional views? You made some real good points about why you’re Republican without even talking about Operation Womb Raider or religion and all that jazz.

    Belle, well said.

    Black Bruce, when I got that first grown man pay check after college I kinda felt like a little boy from a Law and Order SVU episode. Though it hurt and continues to hurt, there aren’t too many other Republican ideals I can rock with. I’m all about hard work, but my journey hasn’t been equal to that of some of my affluent counterparts. McCain hasn’t said anything that speaks to me or my family. I got three children.

    Just kidding. I have 2 children.

    Just kidding. I have none.

  8. I have to say, I’m not sure about the expedition story. I make more than 50k a year as an engineer and I can’t afford one, so im having a hard time believing someone is getting ‘so much’ assistance that they can ‘afford’ to buy one. If they had one, they were selling drugs, or something shady went down (or it was much cheaper cause it was old). I do understand that people are sometimes lazy and milk the system, but for me I still feel that those who are able to give should give to those less fortunate. I am all for trying to crack down on those abusing the system.. but I also feel that people take this tax thing to the extreme. Honestly, i just dont buy this argument that you cant afford to do anything with the money you have after taxes. It only seems logical that those with more ability to give, should give more. People like to act like they are getting ALL their money taken from them…

    Back to the main topic though, I am fine with people picking whatever they want based on beliefs they have that they have examined. I get mad with some black republicans, cause I feel like some of them are just republican to be contrarian and disassociate themselves with other blacks. Kind of like, im not part of ‘those’ lazy negroes.. I like to work! Whereas I dont think that’s true. I feel like a lot of people on both sides, don’t examine why they really are supporting one group or another.

    Honestly I couldn’t care what race the next president was, or sex, or anything. I just want the most competent qualified person for the job, doing the job. For me, I could never vote republican because I disagree strongly with their environmental policies, foreign policy, general xenophobia, tax cuts for the wealthiest, and generally laissez faire attitude of deregulation on everything which i think has greatly led to this economic debacle we are in today (which has many, many other people to blame also, not just republicans). I also dislike some of what seems like religious fanatacism coming from the republican party. I’m much more liberal.

  9. i think that when it comes down to the fundamentals, i would respect a black repub more for his understanding of the party’s principles, as opposed to just finding a way to disassociate themselves from black people. i live in the south in a republican county, and i see black repubs all the time with their “read my lipstick” bumper stickers. i just assume that they are well to do negroes who are republican because they make a lot of money and they have very conservative values. at the end of the day, if you have certain beliefs and values, i don’t think they should be compromised because of the race or gender of a political ticket. all you should care about is what they will do for you and your money…and other stuff like abortion, foreign policy, health care…

    random question/thought: do people think that their will be riots if Obama wins? how about if McCain wins? i feel like it could be very unpleasant right after the election results regardless of who wins.

  10. Senor RightCoastLexSteele bka God's Gift to Humanity

    Party affiliation aside, if McCain wins, I’m smacking the first 5 white people I see. A lot of people are going to be shocked at how close this election will actually be. If you think 2000 was a muhf*cka, to quote a great man, “Get ya popcorn ready.”

    Kdizz, my dude if I didnt see it with my own two eyes I wouldnt have believed it either. But let me do some quick math. First off, you’re right, it wasnt a brand spanking new Expidition. Probably an 02 or 03. The blue book on my ’00 navi is about 11g’s right now. So on a expidition for around that time let’s call the value 9g’s. After taxes, title, insurance etc, the monthly payment on that has to be at least $250-300. There are several states where you can start an LLC for that price. So that’s $250 dollars from her job going to her car payment, when she could have sucked it up and copped a bucket for half the price and still been on some wheels. Or she could have hopped the bus which runs right in front the crib, and kept the $250 to pay utilities, but instead the taxpayer picks up her utility bill while she flosses in a SUV. So on top of paying fed and state taxes every two weeks, I get to pay property taxes and school taxes to send her kids to school too? To quote another great man, “SHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT”.

    Slim, my folks are actually democrats and are currently filing paperwork to have me disowned. But there was never any real reason for them to be Democrats other than, “Republicans dont like Black people.” Well, guess what some Democrats dont like black people either. I think especially coming from my part of the world they limited themselves to a choice based on race. Cuz if you ask my pops, he doesnt like having his pockets dug into and I cant begin to tell you how much of a religious fanatic my mother is. Both dems. Go figure.

  11. man.. i’m not rich at all.. but i do believe money should be re-distributed somewhat. I don’t necessarily agree with the system we have now.. but i believe that is needs to be done.

    maybe money from taxes needs to go to programs that give more money to schools in poorer communities… so that they can get free lunch, better books, etc., rather than funneling welfare checks to people who will abuse/misuse it. I dunno, I’m not an economist. But I’m gonna be ridiculously gwapped up soon so I’ll pay someone to do my economic thinking.

    regardless.. i think more from the afrocentric point of view sometimes.. which hurts in this eurocentric capitalist america we live in.. but i’m the type who buys $10 worth of candy from the kids raising money for their sports team and them gives the candy back for them to eat. i’m the type who tips 20% just because. i’m the type who instead of tossing change to the bum outside the mcdonalds, i buy him a value meal. i’m the type who believes,

    “If I don’t take care of my brothers, who will?”
    -Wesley Snipes, “White Men Can’t Jump”

    i dunno.. i’m just connected to my people like that. which is why i can’t support a party who’s views aren’t really to help us.

    -Gov’t Guns

  12. Vanessa aka Miss V

    ok, so i have to ask just a few questions related to this topic:

    first, i agree with KDizzle on this whole tax thing. obviously, taxes will have to increase in order for the new president (whether it’s Obama or McCain) to carry out their agenda/programs. so, why is it a problem if the “rich” (acc to Obama, those who make over 250K a year) have to pay more than the not so rich? yes, we all work hard for our money (and that includes the people who make less than 50K a year), so how is it fair to take more from the guy who’s already struggling to make ends meet? i just don’t get it…

    secondly, what’s wrong with voting for obama because he’s black? i mean, i’m pretty sure a ton of people of people are voting for mccain because he’s white, and no one is saying anything about that. not to say that obama’s race is the sole reason why i’m voting for him, but i’m not feeling that double standard.

    as for the black repubs, i must admit that i was embarrassed to see them carrying on like that at mccain’s rallies and at the convention. i honestly believe that mccain doesn’t give a $#!% about issues that affect the black people in this country (even the ones that try to pretend they aren’t black), so i can only smh when i see black people cheering for him. plus he’s a hot mess… have you seen his debate performances??

  13. I have to agree with RightCoastLexSteele, that tin his is going to be a very close race, I won’t be satisfied until the inauguration.

    As for taxes, sigh, here is the bottom line. This country is in a huge deficit, and we are currently loaning out money like it grows on trees. It has to get repaid one way or another. And either way raising taxes or lowering taxes, American citizens are going to pay. So if you don’t want your taxes raised, no problem, but how about all of your other bills going up? State taxes are going to go up, fines for parking, speeding, etc, are going to go up. Day to day cost are going to start going up, to put some of those leaves back on the tree.

    Having said that, while there are some people who are voting for Obama just because he is black. There are people who are voting Republican just because that is what they have always done. I recently heard a Black Republican state: “I’ll admit that overall Obama might be better for the country, but I think McCain will do more for me personally” While I do not agree with the majority of what McCain say, how can I argue with the personalistic nature of that argument?

  14. The number of Black people voting for Barack because he is black is still significantly smaller than the number of White folks voting for McCain because he’s the traditional White guy. It would have been very entertaining to see Barack Obama run against Colin Powell. I think we would have seen an increase in spontaneous head (pause) explosions across the country.

  15. I’m black.

    I’m female.

    I work for a Republican US Senator. The number 3 Republican, in fact.

    The vast majority of my views are considered liberal leaning/moderate, at best.

    I get a lot of shit from my family for working for a Republican. On the one hand, they realize this is 2008 and thanks, in part, to the GOP, any job you can get is a good one, but on the other hand they fear I’ve fallen into the trap.

    First off, I can’t afford to be a Republican, but secondly my boss is fairly moderate. John McCain used to be fairly moderate. Most people in Congress are fairly moderate, on both sides of the aisle.

    If you (and you refers to us, all of us) do your research, you’ll find that most Republicans consider GWB to be the least Republican Republican President to ever be elected, because he has spent and spent and spent like nobody’s business. You’ll also find that what has messed this country up isn’t one particular political view, but rather a President who wasn’t cut out for the job, but knew the right people so he slid in. Twice.

    So I’ll work in my Republican office, for my moderately Republican boss and go to the polls today and vote for Barack Obama and then for my boss (who is up for re-election). Not because of what party they are affiliated with, but because I think Obama has the best plan to get this country back on track and because I believe since he was first elected, my boss has made the best decisions for my home state (ok, that and I’d like to keep my job).

    Before working in the gov’t, I, too, had a problem with Black Republicans. I think mostly because, as another person commented, they seemed to do it for attention. Now that I’m here and I can see what really happens, I say throw party aside (as many Republicans have/will this election year) and vote for who will do the best job. There are times where the person running on the GOP ticket is the best choice and times where the person running on the Democratic ticket is the best choice. It’s just not about party — it’s about what’s best.

    Additionally, historically African-Americans voted Republican. As a culture, we have always been fairly socially conservative and that aligns with the GOP it wasn’t until the Democrats unfairly took credit for major Civil Rights’ legislation that black folks switched their votes. I’m not saying that was a bad choice, but we should ALL do our research. The Republican party historically was created to combat slavery and it’s funny that now they are so closely aligned with racist ideas (due to their own members, of course).

    I guess what I’m saying is Black Republicans aren’t bad people because they choose to have conservative views. I think many of us should really stop and think about our own views before we go bashing someone who isn’t ashamed to have conservative views.

    I do hope, though, that those same Black Republicans really consider how closely aligned with Bush McCain has been and notice how much he’s changed his views since he started this run. Bush ran McCain into the ground in the 2000 and 2004 election cycles and now he’s his best friend (secretly, of course). I don’t want a man who will do whatever he has to to get the nod. I want a man, like Barack Obama, who says “Here are my views. They don’t change. And when I am elected, this is exactly how it will go down…”

  16. Interesting perspective. I’ve thought about how the Republican Party’s role in ending slavery and all that, but like you said things have changed. But yeah, McCain is appearing more and more desperate. It’s like he will do or say anything at this point to win. Oddly enough, I can still count the number of times he’s actually mentioned the Middle Class.

  17. I really do not take issue with Black Republicans. While I personally don’t feel as if Republicans are speaking to the realities of MY life, far be it from me to belittle anyone else’s political affiliations.

    I take issue with poor Republicans. Because they are not informed enough to realize that they’re voting against their own economic interests in favor of embracing an “idea” of America that no longer exists. Who cares who your President prays to? You need to be more concerned with who’s going to allow you to keep food on your table, good healthcare, and your kids educated. If you’re getting ready to be thrown out of your house, why the fuck do you care about gay people getting married? I bet they’re not about to get evicted.

  18. Umm, SBG…you kinda paraphrased the issue I have with a lot of Republicans in general. You’re talking about a lot of poor Nascar

  19. I am a black Republican. (y’all probably already figured out from some previous posts) I was raised Catholic, by a West Indian family and then relocated to the Bible-belt. I was destined to be a Republican. Once I started working, my Republican views strengthened because I don’t understand why I have to work so hard and then have my money taken for people who don’t work at all….but I digress.

    It really bothers me that anyone would have the audacity to assume and/or question my loyalty to my heritage based on my political views. I don’t assume every black Democrat is automatically “down for his people” so why is the assumption made the other way? What have the Democrats done for us other than take our vote for granted and cripple us with social programs?

    Despite my political views, I am voting for Barack Obama. I am “one of those people” voting for him simply because he is black. (and I don’t feel bad about it either) But as Slim mentioned I wouldn’t proclaim that position in mixed company because I don’t want to discredit that Barack is qualified. On the day of the primaries, I went to vote with the intention to vote for a Republican. As soon as I entered the voting booth I voted for Barack without a second thought. It was like a reflex. In that moment I realized I am more black than Republican; I care more for my people than my political views. I think having an INTACT black family in the White House will have a greater effect on the plight of black Americans than any policy, Democratic or Republican, ever can. Not to mention I can’t wait to see pictures of two little black girls playing in the oval office.

  20. Seattle Washington

    They wouldn’t be the first kids to be on the floor of the Oval Office!

    Hey Oh!

  21. You guys might find this interesting. It’s James T. Harris, immaturely defending his position as a McCain supporter:

  22. colin powell, a BR, endorses barack! yay!
    meet the press, 10/19/08.

  23. Senor RightCoastLexSteele bka God's Gift to Humanity


    I second that “Hey OH!”

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