Palin Did Well. Well, Good Enough.

This intelligently ignorant conversation about the Vice Presidential debates is brought to you by the Three Ways crew.  With an emphasis on conversation.  Unlike when you watch those folks on TV, you don’t have to yell at the screen to express your views.  Type it out.  We want to hear, well see, what you have to say.  And with that said, onto our regularly scheduled programming…

Good morning.  I hope you joined the rest of the nation and watched the Vice Presidential Debates last night.  Or at least caught the replays on the news.  Before watching them I have to admit, I thought Palin was going to get destroyed by Biden.  In fact, within the first 15 minutes it looked like she was about to burst into tears and run off stage sobbing like an embarrassed little girl that messed up her lines during the school play.  But she didn’t.  So props to her for that.  She wasn’t great though, quite mediocre in actuality.  Which is the problem.  Most pundits, especially those on Fox News, are saying that she did well enough.  That she didn’t mess things up for McCain.  That logic is horrible.  It’s like saying just because a handicapped kid can make jump shots, we should put him in the NBA.  

Yes, she can talk, look into the camera and regurgitate processed information.  A trained parrot can do that.  She also diverted questions, didn’t answer in totality and rambled on and on about nothingness.  She was shooting bullets in the air like an enthused terrorist hoping to hit something.  Let’s not forget that this woman is 2nd in command.  After Dick Cheney’s rule term, we can see that position is quite important.  Especially with a presidential candidate that’s nearing his death bed.  We can’t settle for good enough.  I don’t want a 3rd round draft pick coming off the bench when my starter gets hurt.

Not to mention the verbage.  The colloquialism isn’t befitting of a person vying for such a high office.  Joe Six Pack and the Hockey Moms?  Shout out to the 3rd grade class?  Imagine if Obama or Biden referred to Fred Forty Ounce and the Basketball Moms as well as gave a shout out to the kids back in the Chi or Delaware.  It would be a wrap.  Quickly.  I want my President to be intelligent.  The same goes for my VP.  I like the personal connection, but I don’t need them to be the type I’d have a beer with.  I know the type of people I drink with.  I don’t want them to be running my country.  No offense guys.  

Just saying, let’s call a spade a spade here.  If she wants to compete with the big dogs, she has to have the same requirements. There’s no “good enough” when it comes to the White House.  

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10 responses to “Palin Did Well. Well, Good Enough.

  1. I was just shocked at how much she sounded like Ms. Teen SC answeing the infamous pageant question a while back.

  2. In terms of what was said, Palin looked like a dog trying ever so hardly to catch her tail. It’s very clear she can’t verbally articulate herself any better than a fetus in the womb.

    Why give her points for trying? This is the big league, there are no freebies.

    Speaking of fetus in the womb, let Obama have a pregnant, unmarried daughter and tell me that wouldn’t be a problem.

    Obama specifically mentioned that Palin’s daughter should not be criticized for her life choices and should be left out of political scrutiny, God bless him.,CST-NWS-react01web.article

    But f*ck that.

    That little girl’s baby daddy, driving around Alaska on his tractor happens [happened] to have a MySpace page. On this page is an ode to all the profanity, rawness, and rebellion that is his life. A question I toggled over with some friends recently is, “What would happen if Obama had a pregnant daughter whose baby’s father loved Nas, Malcolm X, and the Grassroots revolution?” With him being a Democratic, liberal, candidate, this still wouldn’t be acceptable.

    My argument is that if Obama should be judged harshly because he black; his speech/actions/policies/family should be placed under a magnifying glass because he is of a race that America has historically, and consistently feared (ref. Birth of a Nation), then all the candidates should be measured on the exact same scale. There was nothing glorious or moving about her performance last night, she dropped the ball, and she’s clearly not ready for what she signed up for.

  3. I started downing shots filling up my wine glass every time she said “Maverick”. I passed out just in time to miss most of the CNN analysis. Also, will someone please tell me where the “K” is in Ahmadinejad?! If I can say it, so can she gosh darnit!

  4. Seattle Washington

    One might also want to tell her it’s General McKiernan not General McClellan. It might be hard for McClellan to lead U.S. troops unless it’s the Night of the Living Dead. Dude lead troops during the American Civil War.

    Yeah. She did awesome.

  5. #1) They should have never taught ya how to use Microsoft Vizio, incorporating flow charts and what not.

    #2) She’s not very intelligent, like most of America. Thus, most of America likes her. End of story

  6. Seattle Washington

    They should’ve never given me an education or any money either. Prepare for D.A.M. to hit a city near you.

    Yeah, you pointed out the main problem. Most of America finds her folksy ineptitude endearing.

  7. Vanessa aka Miss V

    If you weren’t convinced that Palin is an idiot, then you may be delusional, or an idiot, too.

    I mean… she did terribly, and it was obvious that she didn’t know what was going on. She hardly answered questions directly, and at every opportunity, she found some way to talk about energy… obviously the only topic that wasn’t too difficult for her (and even then all she could talk about is that dumb pipe that is nowhere near being finished!).

    geez… I hope that McCain does not win.

  8. Vanessa aka Miss V

    *you are delusional…

  9. “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

    That’s when I was done. Poured a glass of wine and toasted to the future of the GOP.

    Mind you, if McCain wins, I am exploiting my dual citizenship and headed to the motherland!

  10. I was more concerned with the notion that Palin would be a “real contender” for President in the year 2012.

    I also need someone to define the word Maverick for me. I was always under the impression that being a Maverick was not a desirable thing. Was under the impression that it came from the days of the “wild-wild west” where lawlessness was the law. Apparently not.

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