Stop Clutching Your Purse

A Little Something from Seattle

This edition of A Little Something from Seattle is brought to you by two friends of the site, Ainz from SHCollective and Lanny from… actually, she doesn’t have a website. She’s too cool for that sh*t.  Nonetheless, the video is hilarious.  It touches on the little bullshit trials and tribulations that Black dudes face everyday.  I have a job, I’m dressed respectably (by mainstream America standards) and I still can’t catch a break.  It’s a familiar story to any Black guy that happens to walk, try to catch a cab or ride an elevator.  So without further ado…

The Black Man’s PSA


That’s it peoples!  Have a great weekend.  I’ll drink one for you , or a couple.  Whichever.  Oh and be on the lookout for a post we have coming next week discussing yet another type of comical, yet infuriating, sh*t that Black dudes face constantly.  Stay tuned.

Seattle Washington aka “That Black Guy”


11 responses to “Stop Clutching Your Purse

  1. The story of my life..

  2. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    Call me mean, but I would LOVE to the see go down in real life…

  3. Seattle Washington

    I think it will… soon… except I’ll say, “shorty my kicks are worth more than your Canal St. purse.”

  4. As one who’s been described as an angry black man, stuff like this makes me a little sad. People are typically afraid of two things – what they don’t know, and what they know to be worth fearing. I don’t even notice the purse clutchers any more, but I wonder why it happens. Who’s fault is it that black men are seen as particularly likely to steal a purse? Stereotypes may not be right, but they don’t come out of thin air.

  5. Vanessa aka Miss V

    lol this is funny…. you know, I start clutching my purse whenever a white person comes into the elevator…. I wonder how that makes them feel.

  6. Yea…I lock my car door when a white dude passes by. I do it right when they’re close enough to hear the “click,” too. Take that.

  7. Hahaha!!!! too funny. I have clutched my purse when a yt guy gets on the elevator with me and I also exit quickly if my floor is before his.

  8. omg reminds me of that part in office space when that white guy was jamming to gangsta rap and then when he saw the blck man selling flowers he quickly turned the music down and locked his car door…hilarious. Those women who clutch their purses in the elevator when a black man steps on probably listen to too much gangsta rap, 😛

  9. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    I don’t discriminate. I clutch my belongings when I see white dudes and black dudes…shady looks the same on both…

  10. Seattle go for it…!!

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