It’s Jesus. It’s Superman. No, it’s Obama.

by Seattle Washington

There are a lot of high hopes already held for the Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama.  Probably more than Jesus had when he touched down.  If/when Obama gets elected, it’s said a wave of change will come in, reversing the many mistakes that have been made in the last eight years all while setting the country on a better path.  And that’s just the political side.  Many Black Americans are looking for him to save Black America too.  To lead us all to the proverbial promise land that we should’ve found years ago.  To fill the void that Jesse and Al tried so desperately, and ineffectively, to plug up since Malcolm and Martin were taken from us.  And that’s where things get a little shaky for me.

Leader of the Free World. Not the Black World.

Yes, he’s Black.  We claimed him instantly and, even better, he’s claimed us.  Take that Tiger.  But, last I checked Obama was running for President of the United States.  In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past 232 years, saving Black folk isn’t in the job description.  I hate to break it to you, but he isn’t going to free the incarcerated brothers that have been wronged, stop drug sales in the hood and legalize weed.  On second thought, he might do one of those…  Now, I don’t think Katrina Pt.2 will happen under his jurisdiction, but c’mon give the man a break.  Even MLK Jr. had more than four years to help us get our stuff together.

“You People Have No More Excuses”

Yeah, you know it’s going to get said when he’s elected President.  A lot.  If he does well at his job, whew.  Lord knows.  Funny thing is, it won’t just be White supremacists and Fox News shouting it from the rafters.  I bet you some Black folks will start co-signing too.  “He made it, why can’t the rest of you guys?”  Possibly true.  If one man can live the American Dream, and even help mold what that dream means, then another should be able to follow suit.  However, poverty, easier paths like crime, teenage pregnancies and a poor education (I could go on) will still plague the inner cities of America.  Until we cut off the root, you still will see some weeds in that garden.  Obama will have it in his power to get at a crucial cause though.  …Ahem, a wrecked public school system…

Obama Loves the Kids

People have already begun to say that he will positively affect the  little bastards  minority kids in school.  A face that looks like them running the country will surely be an inspiration to them all.  Letting them know that anyone can do it.  In my opinion, Bush should’ve let them know that.  If his slow ass can be president, surely a third grader with a solid knowledge of the alphabet and basic math can.  Seriously though, I’m not sure how much effect he will have on these kids.  I’m sure Obama on ABC, NBC and CBS will help but, can that counter every other Black male stereotype they see on MTV and Bamboozled Entertainment Television?  Only time will tell.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that we could have a Black President.  Shoot, it’s great to even have a Black candidate that’s taken seriously.  But, if/when he takes the office, he will be left with a bag of sh*t that he has to immediately turn into gold.  Let’s not get upset if he doesn’t happen lead us to the land of milk and honey as well.  After all, it’s not his job.  It’s ours.

Seattle Washington aka RightCoastLexSteele’s Campaign Manager


10 responses to “It’s Jesus. It’s Superman. No, it’s Obama.

  1. Vanessa aka Miss V

    i totally agree with you here. he’s def not going to save the world, but i believe he can do a lot better than Bush has done over the past 8yrs, and even help “us” out a bit too….

  2. I like what you wrote here. Too many times we place a huge amount of pressure on our world leaders to change our world when our world is really what’s around us. They’re only one person, they can set the ball in motion, but many times they need us to get the ball going as well. I’m not discrediting Obama and all his dreams, I believe the guy has a vision, but he needs help too, from us.

    One man can be the leader and voice of the people, but if they people aren’t talking and taking action, then how do things get done?

    “We can’t help those who don’t help themselves.” Timeless quote that many forget.

  3. Breaking news update on CNN. Barack just walked on water!

  4. I think if he gets elected, he many bring as much change as we like, but I do think he can bring us more in tune with an expanding global economy, and greatly improve our relations with other countries (both, those we’ve traditionally had good relations with, and those we haven’t).

  5. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    ::applause::. It is so important for people to be realistic about their expectations of anyone elected to the presidency. Four years it not a lot of time to undo G.dub’s foolishness. I credit Barack for the way he has embraced his race, but not rested on it during the campaign.

  6. RightCoastLexSteele

    Let’s not cut Young Barry to much slack now. He should know by now that he has his work cut out for him, and if any point he figured he couldn’t handle it, just fall back. There’s no shame in dropping. I rather you sit on the bench than come in the game and make turnovers. We should hold anybody that is an elected official that is paid by taxpayers to the highest standards. He knows he only has 4 years, possibly 8. So he better get cracking. Yes he will be the American president, but he still owes Black America his utmost attention, not because he’s half black, but because America has time and time again broken their promises to Black America. Improve education, reform the correctional system and provide sustainable economic empowerment. As he so cleverly pointed out in his speech on race, these aren’t problems that face Black America, but all Americans who are not in that 1 percent that makes and hoards all the dough. That being said, Black America YOU have a responsibility too. Meet Barry halfway. And when I say this I’m talking to those of us that know better. That talented tenth needs to get cracking and do their part. If Barack is supposedly going to be the leader of Black America, where are his colonels, liuetenants and sargents at? Who is going to coach pop warner in the hood while Barack is in the UK having tea and crumpets with the PM? Who is going to organize their community and lecture kids after school about higher education and help them with their homework. Niggas, especially high-falutin uppity niggas have this “I’ma do me” attitude. F that, yes, you are your brother’s keeper. You wonder why some of these “hoodlums” don’t do better…well maybe no one told them any better. Real talk. Who told you about college? Who made the sacrifice to drive your ass across town to the other school so you would have a chance? Who put you on? Reminds of the parable in the Bible where 3 men were given talents of Gold and all chose to use them differently…are you going to bury you talents so no one knows you have them, spend them on yourself, or take them and try to make more? Park your volvo, put the latte and your hybrid club down and get busy. But judging by lack of commentary once three the hard way went political, I can see my rantings will fall on deaf ears. Maybe you guys should just go back to talking about the nuances of boinking and the failed relationships that happen as a result. It behooves me that Hitler could have killed 6 MILLION jews and somehow, someway they managed to survive. Arabs that still don’t know how to speak english own stores on every corner you walk by. And somehow, someway dude the tall lightskin cat the did ok in high school and smoked trees is at the threshold of the highest office in nation? How? Help and support. What…it don’t take a village to raise a child anymore? Just a nanny and some dvd’s right? “Be the change you want to see in others.”

  7. RightCoastLexSteele

    Testing. Is this thing on?

  8. This post just makes me happy to read… I love political discussion and even if no one else has said it, I appreciate the discourse yall have started with your recent politcal blog posts. 🙂

    I have been arguing with (white) people at my job who are hesitant to vote for Obama because they think as soon as he gets in office he will flip and be all about Black folks and reparations (I am not kidding this is SERIOUSLY what they tell me) I also argue with my non-white friends who think Obama is our savior and with his election the problems we’ve faced for hundreds of years will just melt away.

    Personally, I feel bad for Obama because over the course of his campaign he has been transformed from an above average black man with the swagger to become president to the new hope of the people! I am waiting on people to start kissing his ring! The saddest thing is day 2 that he is in office, guess who is going to be throwing him under the bus for not handling some issue perfectly…. the same people placing him on this pedestal now.

    I just think people should be careful what they wish for because Black, or not, Obama will have to play the politics game just like every other President and by the nature of that position he is only going to be able to do so much for “the people” hell he may even have to screw the people then what?!

  9. Good post Starbucks…

    Like I told you before, just waiting to see what kind of fuck shit is going to go down come November…

    I’ll be waiting…

  10. Seattle Washington

    LMAO. Thanks Magnificent Mike. And shout out to the folks that stayed with us while we started to discuss politics. Your comments and visits are much appreciated…

    I think I’m going to make a donation to the Obama campaign. Get that dude the “All Eyes On Me” single from Pac. Biden can blast it like Radio Raheem as Obama walks up to swear in.

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