Hockey Mom?? Give Me A Break

By Sowhatiff? Jenkins

**Let me warn you now.  What will follow won’t be nice, unbiased, or objective. In Three Ways tradition, I have come to give it to you unprotected.**

I am not a fan of the clan of Republicans (pronounced hypocrites) currently running for the country’s highest office.  John McCain has 1 foot and an ankle in the grave…and as for Sarah Palin…I’m going to give you a few reasons why I don’t want her in the White House as Vice President.

Because she is a woman with a new baby.

Yeah, that’s right, I said it. She is not gonna cut it. I don’t want the woman to have to choose between caring for her child with special needs and running this country when McCain takes a dirt nap if something bad happens to Big Grand Daddy McCain.  Where are her priorities?  Am I putting her in a gender biased box?  You darn skippy I am.  This standard didn’t apply to Hillary because Chelsea is grown.  No questions about priorities there.  But when you have children still living at home, you can’t be responsible for making decisions that will affect the country at large, while trying to attend PTA meetings.  Sorry.

Because she is the governor of a state that has less people than the city of Chicago.

Yes, I googled the Census data. It’s true.  And no, population doesn’t dictate the type of issues a state will have to face, but to an extent, yes it does.  I don’t know how confident I am in her resume, considering that she went from being mayor of a town with 9,000 people, to governor of a state where its largest policy decisions involve preventing deforestation and preservation of natural resources. Yes these issues are important too, but they hardly qualify her as having experience on any real national level.  And as for foreign experience?  Traveling to and from Canada on fishing and hunting excursions does NOT count.  There goes that attack on Barack.

Because she is rude.

“I guess a small town mayor is like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.” Really though?  This was probably the worst thing that she could have said in my book.  I don’t place all the blame on the speech writers nor do I give her credit for saying something so “out there”. As a woman committed to service, that statement was insulting to me. Making a statement like that speaks to a few things: her lack of respect for urban America; that she has NO idea what a community organizer does, and how vital they are to rural and urban communities; and lastly, that she’s lame.

Because her 17 year old daughter is preggers.

Imagine with me for a moment, what would have happened if Barack had a 17 year old daughter that got knocked up (by the way, she’s knocking on the door of the 3rd trimester) whilst he ran for the presidency?  Would the media have been so forgiving?  Would it have been chalked up to “a family matter”.  Hell to the naw.  All kinds of stereotypes about black people would have been all between the lines of commentary by the McCain campaign, and the media at large.  And no, Sarah can’t control all that her daughter does when she is between the sheets out in the streets.  But for a woman who backs abstinence (which is silly to begin with), if she can’t get her daughter to abide by her policies and buy what she’s selling, what is she going to do about the enforcement of policy on a national level? How is she going represent this country?  “You know, I think we should do xyz, but if you don’t agree, just do what you want, and we’ll clean up the mess later.” Now her daughter is engaged to the poor boy.  Because that’s how it was going to happen if she didn’t get tagged for the VP spot. Right.

Because John McCain didn’t thoughtfully pick her.

This pick came out of left field. He picked her to dupe all of the former Hillary supporters.  Do you honestly think he made this choice because she was the best person for the job?  His team sat down and was like, “Okay, Hillary lost, so let’s find all the dames that hold an office in this country and go from there. We gotta get those votes!”  So Palin’s name came up, and he was like, “Yep, she is prettier than my wife, let’s make the call.”

Thanks for tuning in to the “Sowhatiff? Report”. I am no political buff, but I do have an opinion.  Take that. Take that.


17 responses to “Hockey Mom?? Give Me A Break

  1. Great post. Go Obama!!!

    That’s all…goodnight.

  2. the thing i find really troublesome about her pregnant daughter is something that she said in an interview (or something) about it, which is that this was bristol’s decision(and who the crap names a kid bristol? im gonna add that to the reasons i dont like her)

    it didnt sit with me and then i was watching the daily show and realized why. shes a gotdamn hypocrite! she has stated that she wants roe v wade overturned. she says that abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape and incest. i believe that, should she make it into office, she will work to see that happen….she says bristol’s decision (read: CHOICE) is a personal family matter and yet, she would take that personal choice away from every other family in the country. what the sh*t?!?!?

    if theres one thing i have a low tolerance for, its a hypocrite

  3. RightCoastLexSteele

    Not to add fuel to the conspiracy fire or anything, BUT. Nasty rumor has it that her newborn with Down Syndrome is actually Bristol’s baby and she’s claiming it’s hers to cover up her daughter’s affinity for barebackin’. (How about a topic called “I shouldn’t get a job because my name is stupid”) Apparently young Bristy got pulled out of school for the last five months of mommy’s term. Even more suspicious is that Gov. Paleface returned to work 3 days after poppin out le baby. Now Bristol is knocked up (again?). Maybe Alaska’s climate isnt conducive to birth control.

    **Packin my ish and dog sledding to AK aka Bareback Mountain**

  4. Great post! And hypocrisy does seem to be the new hotness lately. Its funny to see how the Republicans use there words to try and paint this great picture of her, when really, their claims are nothing but a REACH at best.

  5. WithRainbowSprinkles

    Wonderful as usual, but don’t forget to add…
    1) She failed at getting her idiot brother in-law fired and fired someone instead…
    2) Her husband has DUI charges and is weird looking…
    3) Prior to her appointment she did not know the role of the VP…
    4) She and her husband were once a part of an extremist group trying to have Alaska cede (is that the word? whatev, leave) from the United States and now she wants to lead it?!?!

  6. Apparently, I am the only semi-Republican who participates in your wonderful blog so I will make a few comments. My disclaimer is….I AM VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA 
    Because she is a woman with a new baby. – I will not make a huge argument for or against this point; I will merely say that all the women who are making this point should take credit for setting us women back 100 years in our civil rights struggle. Women always want equality but seem to be the main one’s throwing Ms. Palin under a bus for having a family and god forbid a special needs baby! Unless I missed something the woman is married and if one doesn’t think her husband, or any other man, can be primary caregiver for 4 years then we must still be living in the 1900’s. And let me end by saying if you think Michelle Obama won’t have a nanny should Barack win then your denial runs deeper than I can even address.
    Because she is the governor of a state that has less people than the city of Chicago. – Again this argument wont take long…while her state has less population than Chicago she has still run it for 2 years giving her more executive experience than Obama (I don’t think he has ever been the head of anything.) And before that she ran a city, which I don’t think Obama ever did either. Moreover, policy decisions related to environmental issues, which should be major issues given the cost of gas, are still policy decisions. While some people will discredit Palin’s executive experience b/c it is convenient to them, there is no denying that 4 of the last 5 presidents elected were Governors first.
    Because she is rude. “I guess a small town mayor is like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.” – I don’t think this statement was rude, I think this was merely a poor attempt at trying to explain why she is more qualified than Obama. I consider myself dedicated to Community Service and have run several programs and organized a few others, but I don’t think my desire to help people makes me qualified to be president. Further, a community organizer can work 24/7 and that STILL doesn’t mean they have executive experience comparable to running a city, state or the country.
    Because her 17 year old daughter is preggers. – Okay, on this point I can’t even begin to address it because I don’t know what the issue is. Are you upset she has a loose daughter or upset because you think if it were a Democrat in her position the media would be acting worse? Either way the issue is not Palin it’s either her daughter or the media. How many 17 year olds get pregnant everyday despite what their parents are telling them? By this argument every parent who cant make their children do as they are told isn’t fit to hold their job.
    Because John McCain didn’t thoughtfully pick her. – Again I have to disagree with this point as well. I think McCain did pick her on purpose. Yes, a factor in his decision may have been to find a minority and/or woman for his ticket but that is simply smart politics in my opinion. If McCain had chosen Romney or Huckabee he wouldn’t have the novelty he got with Palin. Right now this election will change history; whether it’s because we have the first black man to be president or the first woman to be vice president. 🙂

  7. . “If McCain had chosen Romney or Huckabee he wouldn’t have the novelty he got with Palin.”

    Novelty? Smart politics? McCain would be better off offering a free Ipod Nano to anybody who voted for him. Better yet, a Myspace ad banner game called Obliterate the Obama that convinces people to defeat the evil Barack monster than surprisingly looks like a combination of Bigfoot and the MADtv face. No matter how you look at it, his choice insulted a lot of intelligent women. Not to mention that their focus on the small towns in America screams a lot of salt with a tiny bit of pepper. But I’ll stop with this comment in the best interest of our country and readership. I’m off to organize a community event that doesn’t mean anything.


  8. Seattle Washington

    I heard she’s not even a woman. That’s it’s really just Dick Cheney with a sex change.

    … Jokes

  9. Sowhatiff Jenkins


    I do appreciate you breaking down my largely opinion based points. Thanks for challenging me and offering another perspective!

  10. OK–as a mom who worked–and put herself through grad school for a PhD in math with 3 kids (who were kindergarten thru high school when I started) let me tell you that any good mom would find it very difficult to do an intense job well without sacrificing the well-being of the kids. There are some things a nanny just can’t do. I would say that it took one extra year to the PhD PER CHILD so it took me 3 years longer than average. To be able to be a good parent sometimes I had to cut back on courses and work load so that I could be there for the young-uns.

    So I would say the special needs kid is one child who needs special attention, and pregnant teen is the 2nd child who needs attention. Now, what happens if one of the other three has a problem? Trust me, by junior high they all need special attention.

    It’s not that it can’t be done, but boy it is quite difficult.

  11. Vanessa aka M5ss V

    i totally agree with u tiff.

    first of all, this whole executive experience is a joke. during her 20 mths in office, she has already lobbyied for the highest amt of earmarks in AK history; she used the money from the bridge to nowhere (which she initially supported) for pet projects; and she is under investigation for abuse of power…. and this woman can be our vp??? what?

    i mean yeah she’s a hockey mom and has a kid with down syndrome blah blah blah….but people seriously need to do their research… this woman is mccain’s attempt to draw women voters but she is no hillary!

  12. Vanessa aka Miss V

    and yes, i can go on …..

  13. RightCoastLexSteele

    Semi-republican = Flip flopper.

    🙂 Had to do it, it was too tempting not to.

    I’d probably vote for Palin just so I could have the possibility of flexing my Steele in the White House. Yea, I said it. She’s a hockey milf. With lipstick.

    …more jokes (?)

  14. Its funny how McCain chose Palin to attract Hillary supporters, who Im pressuming are democrat middle class women w/kids..when their policies will only benefit the healthy and wealthy top 5%. And some women are actually falling for this and switching to vote GOP. Its sad to see women being herded like sheep by voting with their genitals instead of their brains. McCain is probably thinking “women arent smart enough to distinguish between good and bad politics. Vote for me because my running mate has a vagina and tits.”
    I’d never thought I’d say this, but now I see why women were denied the right to vote for so long. This was their test, and they failed miserably.

  15. The election hasn’t happened yet. Don’t think it’s fair to say women have failed the test. There’s plenty of time for those who were wowed by the Palin pick to calm down and see it for what it is. The people that have failed are those who are working class citizens that will vote for McCain simply to keep a Black guy out of office.

  16. Sowhatiff, thanx for letting me comment on your comments. I love political debate 🙂

    LOL @ flip flopper… I don’t think I am a flip flopper I am just open to input 🙂

    YaDiYah – maybe some think the same about Blacks as you feel about women since everyone is riding Obama’s _ _ _ _ , bandwagon just because he is Black… or at least halfway 🙂

  17. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    Wow @ “but now I see why women were denied the right to vote for so long. This was their test, and they failed miserably.” Seriously? This is 2008. But because we @ Threeways like to foster an open forum for discussion, I will leave it at that.

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