Do you like us? Then why haven’t you subscribed?!

Thanks to all the readers who have visited Three Ways since we launched three weeks ago. We’re appreciative of the support and hope we’ve been able to keep you entertained at work, at home, at your boo’s, at your slide’s or wherever. We’re developing a pretty strong readership according to the WordPress statistics. We’re jumping for joy, but we need more people to subscribe (for free). From some off-line chatter, we’ve learned that a lot of people aren’t familiar with RSS feeds and blog subscriptions (free).

That orange rounded box with the white lines in it that appears in the bar where you type in websites…that’s the RSS feed subscription icon. If you click on it, you will see options that allow you to subscribe (for free) to our blog. Depending on whether you use Firefox, Explorer, Safari, or your Blackberry, you may see something different when you click it.

What does it do?

Once you click and select an option, it will put something in your browser space that says our website name. It won’t cause spam or anything else disruptive. Whenever you click on our website name in this space, you will see any new entries and entries that have been published over the last couple weeks.

Why is this convenient?

You don’t have to Google threeways every time you want to check out our website. Nor do you have to type anything in your address bar. Just click on our blog name and see a drop down menu of each individual entry. It will save you a couple of clicks. You can also have our entries emailed to you as well. Allowing you to be even lazier. Isn’t that great!

Why would you dedicate an entry to this?

The more subscribers we have, the longer we can keep this blog going. We are doing this for free. We each spend hours per week coming up with something to keep your interest. Companies and other popular websites pay attention to blogs that have a lot of subscribers. If we can gain the interest of powerful websites, we will have the opportunity for sponsorships that allow us to keep this thing going.

Alright, we get it. What’s the conclusion?

Try subscribing/becoming a regular reader for a week via the link on the right of this page or the orange thing in your browser bar. You know what, I’ll make it even easier. You can just click here to subscribe. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier than having to type our name in. If you don’t like it, then fine. You can delete it. In the meantime, lend us your support and we promise to keep bringing you blog entries that stimulate your brain…and sometimes other special places as well.

From Your Favorite Blogger Wearing a Suit to Work,


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