Wait, There’s a Black Guy Running for President?

Well 1/2 Black, but if we’re going by the One-Drop Rule… you know what I’m saying.  Anyway, we here at Three Ways have been discussing some real deep, personal issues lately, ranging from race to relationships.  However, we realize there are some bigger things going on in the world and we owe it to you guys to bring it up.  After all, this Presidential Election is said to be the most important of our lifetime.  With a Black man at the helm of the Democratic party and now a woman vying for the second highest position in America as a Republican, you could say it’s kind of a big deal.

Since it is a pivotal election, we wanted to get our shit straight facts in order before going off and writing anything for the masses.  Now with both Conventions coming to an end and the actual Presidential Election swinging into full gear, it’s the perfect time to start some dialogue.

Don’t expect the same muppet jib jab that’s on CNN, C Span and definitely not Fox News.  We’re not here to pull a Diddy and tell you to Vote or Die, even though you should if you’re going to run your mouth and complain about things.  Nor are we going to choose a side right now, even though we can’t stand some of the propaganda that was being said during the Republican National Convention.  We’re just going to bring it to you Three Ways.  Without all the mess.

Before we get into it, I’ll leave you with some links we found.  There’s something for the Red and the Blue states.  Have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.  Hungover, as usual.

Seattle and the Two Better Thirds of the Three Ways Crew


Obama/Biden 2008


McCain/Palin 2008


12 responses to “Wait, There’s a Black Guy Running for President?

  1. Vanessa aka Miss V

    was i the only one that was pissed off with Sarah Palin’s speech yesterday??

    clearly, I’m a Democrat, but that is not the main reason why I am mad. Particularly, I thought she was definitely out of control for belitting the role of community organizers in this country. Clearly she doesn’t realize the profound effect these organizers have on their communities and our government EVERY DAY. Heck, if weren’t for women like Susan B. Anthony who acted as as community organizers (not sure if this is her formal title, but essentially, that was her role in the women’s suffrage movement), Mrs. Palin couldn’t even be a Mayor or Governor of a state, or even vote for that matter! So she’s right, Barack’s role as an organizer was not an elected position that had formal responsibilities, however, I would argue that the work he did had a more significant and personal impact on the lives of people like you and me than any politician could ever have.

    Anyway… I’m not going to go completely off on this blog, but I just wanted to put that out there =).

  2. Don’t be pissed at her for her speech. Be pissed at the speech writers that put that thing together.lol. I thought she did a good job after being locked away for days and forced to practice for this speech. But yeah, belittling community organizers says a lot about the Republican point of view in this race.

  3. Seattle Washington

    Y’know, I can’t hate on her. She had to come out swinging, so I expected nothing less. With everyone thinking McCain picked a push over, doubting her experience and then nitpicking her family life – what did you really expect her to do?

    Taking shots at Obama, the media and liberals was what she was supposed to do. So people could take her seriously and not disregard her role in the election. If you’re surprised, imagine smacking around a pitbull (pun intended) and then getting mad when they don’t bite your ass.

    Nonetheless, I do agree with you guys though. She took it a bit too far by belittling the community organizers in the country. Especially since she compared it to her time as a mayor. Of a small town. In Alaska. That has a population all of about 9,700 (as of July 2007). Yeah…

  4. Vanessa aka Miss V

    well of course i expected her to attack the democrats…. thats a no brainer. however, as u said, she was pretty much an unknown a wk ago, so i was expecting her to spend a good chunk of time on what she intends to do as vp (which i heard she wasnt sure what the vp’s role was), but instead she spends most of the time talking about hockey moms, moose, and mccain and dishing out quick stabs to the dems and the media. if i were her, i would show how her AK experience shaped her policies for and knowledge about the US as a whole….. i’ll give her props for personifying the pitbull with lipstick thing, though.

  5. I’m not so mad at her for the content of the speech, because that’s something that politicians in general tend to do (say half-true, slanted ‘facts’).

    It did annoy me that she played on the idea of being a hockey mom so much though.

    I may not completely agree with Hilary Clinton, but I cannot recall a time where Hilary Clinton ever had to play into women stereotypes as much as Palin did last night to get the respect of female voters.

    I hope that, for all her talk about Eskimos and ‘jokes’ relating hockey moms to pit bulls, that women don’t find themselves ‘relating’ to her.

  6. Stuyvesant Town is a housing complex on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This complex has a population of almost 10,000 people. Being superintendant of that housing complex is comparable to being Governor of Alaska. That is all

  7. Well, I maybe shouldn’t say anything because I am borderline Republican but I can’t hold my tongue. Regardless of the size or population of Alaska it is still a state. And while I recognize no job is comparable to President of the US, Governor is the closest thing you are going to get. So in that regard, some could argue that Mrs. Palin has more experience than, Obama, Biden, & McCain put together.

    I thought her speech was really good. It was not as moving as anything I heard during the DNC but it was the truth. I love community organizers, and realize the US would be a horrible place without them, but let’s be real it doesn’t prepare you to be president. Mr. Obama has charisma but he doesn’t have the experience. Now some don’t think experience is that important but others do.

    Lastly, I think she did harp on the hockey mom thing a little much but given her role in this campaign that is exactly what she was supposed to do. Palin was not chosen because she is a political powerhouse like Hillary; she was chosen to make McCain’s ticket more likable. She was chosen to combat Obama’s minority status and she was chosen to take pot shots at the Obama campaign b/c she is a woman and if they attack her SOMEONE will feel bad for her. Moreover, people always claim they want candidates that are more like real people and how much realer can you get than hockey mom? Not to mention given her children are the reason she became involved in politics it is only fitting that she would focus on what she knows. It’s not crazy that she is trying to get support from the people she relates to best and although I love NYC, there are plenty of small town people who will, and do, value small town politicians. Everyone gets to vote, even people who live in cities smaller than some projects. 🙂

  8. Vanessa aka Miss V

    Ok, for anyone to say that Palin has more experience than Obama, Biden, and McCain put together is an exaggeration. She may have more EXECUTIVE experience than all three (by only less than 2 yrs), but I think she is the least experienced of the four. I do not intend to diminish Palin’s accomplishments, however, she has little to no exposure to the national stage (legislative experience) which I believe is more important than governing a state with a population of about 700,000 people.

    I also disagree with te notion that Obama has no experience. Yes, his role as a community organizer alone does not qualify him to be president, but we are neglecting his other credentials. Obama taught constitutional law for over a decade, he was a member of the IL state senate for 8 years, and now is a US senator. Not to mention, to date he has run one of the most successul presidential campaigns in US history (thanks in part to his community organizing background). Yes he is younger than McCain, and yes Obama has spent a lot less time in the Senate than McCain, but that hardly makes him inexperienced.

    but anyway, just my two cents 🙂

    The second thing I disagree with is the notion

  9. Vanessa aka Miss V

    sorry for the last sentence, im typed my response from my pda as I sat in the airport!

  10. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    Here’s a link to a bit Jon Stewart did about the good old Repubs


  11. I like her. A friend told me she looks like she wanna take that hair down and those glasses off and if the campaign is based on sex appeal…well…hey.

    Experience wise, while governor is an executive role she’s been governor less than two years and has a four month old. I’d subtract a little time. Past that I would have difficulty voting McCain/Palin because I think he’s too damned old and I think she needs more experience. Experience but almost senile/Gorgeous and vibrant…yeah it’s nice but look where it got Anna Nicole*…not a damned thing and well…the rest-chalk it up to fate or karma.

    *Reaching..but I’m super sleepy

  12. As I have said and will continue to say, Palin is a short term solution to a long term problem. McCain picked her to “shake things up”. That simply means he picked her to take some publicity and spotlight away from Barack. To me, his pick was a sign of desperation. It’s like a little kid sitting in the back of a classroom trying to be seen, but nobody pays attention to him. So then he ODs and acts out.

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