How Long Will You Take It (or Give It)?

A Little Something from Seattle

So after talking about our different tastes for the past week, we felt it was only appropriate to talk about something we all like – sex.  Don’t get all coy now, you wouldn’t be on a site called “Three Ways To Take It” if you were an angel.  Now, I was looking through the paper on my way to work and saw the blurb below.  


Good Sex Lasts From Three to Thirteen Minutes

"Good sex lasts from Three to 13 Minutes. ...Sex which lasted longer than 13 minutes was considered to go on for too long."


If you want more, you can check out the full article here.  Why a sex statistic made it to the front page of a major metropolitan newspaper blows my mind, but it makes for a good question.  Does good sex really only last from three to thirteen minutes?  The research seems to go against popular thought.  We often hear sex stories where it goes on forever, leaving both people in post-coital bliss.  Or, on the flip side, the sex was over quicker than how long it took you to disrobe.  Which in return, will make the sex quicker than how long it takes her to put her clothes back on. 

We here have our opinions, o trust we do, but we wanted to leave it up to you.  Does that stat stand up in court or is it as soft as R. Kelly in a 21+ club? (pause)

The Three Ways Crew


21 responses to “How Long Will You Take It (or Give It)?

  1. I need some clarification…

    Are we talking 7-13 mins total? Like 13 mins, done, roll over, cuddle, Zzzzzzzzzz…

    or 7-13 mins per round?

  2. RightCoastLexSteele

    I am of the opinion that you might as well have too much instead of not enough. Most times, the guy cant perform and the woman is disappointed if the sex isnt long enough, but for me I’m going to need a bit more than 13 minutes. The first 13, I’m just getting warmed up. Unless we’ve agreed that this is a quickie, please dont tap out after 13 minutes. (But do realize, you will tap eventually) I aim to satisfy for as long as my 3rd leg will allow. I think it becomes too long if one party isnt being satisfied or is no longer interested. You know, they start gazing off into the darkness thinking about how in the world are the Yankees going to pull this one off and make the world series. Just like with anything in life, you have to be compatible. If you are minute man, you might not want to shack up w/ a long distance jockey and vice versa. All that being said, if you can blow each other minds in 3 minutes…go for it.

    -“The Real Deal” Mr. RightCoastLexSteele

    Seattle, are we counting 4play in this time? (Pause to be on the safe side.)

  3. Vanessa aka Miss V

    i think 10-15min is long enough (and that starts at the point of entry)…. three min is def not going to cut it.

  4. Seattle Washington

    Give me a sec, I’m still laughing at my desk…

    Iite. To answer both ife1love & RightCoastLexSteele… what I took from the article was that the 3 – 13 minutes was supposed to be the actual act of sex.

    Not a Bill Clinton, not a Dirty Sanchez, not a Rusty Trombone, not 4play (thanks for including the pause) and the not post-coital bliss or dissing.

  5. I think there is suppose to be of 15 mins of actual sex. It may seem longer from switching positions and stopping to get more whip cream lololol

  6. RightCoastLexSteele

    Ok. I’m an all nighter. Not bragging, I can provide references. Taking a poll of the females…is this too long? Miss V says 15 minutes is good, so should I curb my enthusiasm or should I continue to keep the party live?

    -RCLS, The 12 rounder

  7. Thank you Seattle for clearing that up–now I can respond

    ::braces to hold the bones in the closet::

    I think you can definitely change someone’s life get it done in 13mins, however, I prefer to try and improve on that performance several times over the course of an evening. Not to take anything away from the “quickie” cause those are fun too, but honestly from minutes 3-13 I’m really just getting started.

    3-13mins is a tease in my book. It’s like when you go to a concert to see your favorite artist and you get all hyped and then they perform two songs and bounce ::twiddles thumbs:: Now what?

    To their credit, I know some men supplement their limited endurance with some bells and whistles, and bless your heart for that… but still :o/

  8. Vanessa aka Miss V

    i say if u can go all night, more power to you! i’m not opposed to multiple 15min sessions throughout the night lol but, just my opinion.

  9. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    There is no way 3 minutes can cut it…that’s not even quickie status. I’m thinking 13-20 minutes rounds with breaks for Gatorade in between can get the job(s) done, assuming that the motion in the ocean can keep the boat rocking…

  10. Daddy Short Stroke

    Lets be serious….Have you ever been in a Real Fight if you have you know damn well 3 mins is a LOOOOONNNNGGG Ass time….after that fight win or lose your done, winded and all …..So imagine if your head was hitting that head board for 3 mins straight chances are you will scream stop or suffer from a minor concussion ..Just a thought

  11. The average sex fest is prolly a lot shorter than what people think. I don’t even know how you can break it down into minutes, unless shorty sits there with a clock keepin track. If she’s doin that, she’s prolly not getting her Big O. That energy would be better spent focusing on that instead of how long he is pumpin it out. Perhaps we should break it down into number of pumps for that matter? If we are to assume 20 pumps per minute x 10 minutes, we get 200 pumps…pause. Do peeps really think dudes on average are pumpin 200+ times? The average guy probably pumps that much…when drunk…pause again.

  12. Whoa there Daddy Short Stroke… where did all this headboard nonsense come from!?!? Tease me… test me even, but don’t do that! ::Ouch:: See, that’s exactly why I don’t have a headboard. Also, why are we in the same position for 3mins… switch it up!

    Sex doesn’t have to be a brawl. Yeah ultimate fighting will tire you out but let’s look at other sports like polo. The players ride horses up and down the field for 10mins at a time over a span of about 1 1/2hrs.

    While 3min can be an eternity if you’re say… getting your head smashed in, but time does fly when you’re having fun.

    Though I’ve never officially timed anything, I have been able to gage how much time has passed, e.g., we were watching Scrubs, touching ensued and now the credits for ER are rolling, or “wow isn’t this the 3rd time we’ve heard this song… you go grab another Gatorade, I’ll switch playlists”.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we may have a nympho on our hands And I mean that in the best way possible. Seriously. Like the best way.

  14. Ugh only 3-13 minutes! That’s why I personally prefer mind sex. It can last hours, days, and even weeks.

  15. ::snicker::

    See I knew that was coming… damn double standards.

    I’m not a nympho, I just have a good work ethic high sex drive.

  16. RightCoastLexSteele

    “All night I perform like Mike: anyone, Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, action, pack guns…RIDICULOUS”

    While some people may want to stay in denial, I am definitely a nympho with an ego to boot. So not only do I have a crazy thirst, I have this insatiable desire to put on an excellent performance every time I strap up. I get up in ya like Samuel L, cuz when I’m done, YOU WILL KNOW MY NAME IS LEX STEELE (or his east coast counterpart). I am of the opinion on that given night, this particular young lady could be anywhere in the world tonight, but she’s here with me, so I’m going to make it memorable. So I actually dont even really go by time. I just wait for her to tap out because she has no more energy, or her body can no longer produce orgasms. While she lays there in post coital bliss, I turn on my cocky after sex music and do my dance.

    Yes, I have after sex music.

  17. BrownskinBeauty

    RightCoastLexSteele…what is up?? (no pun intended)
    We should talk!
    I like your (web) swagger….holla!

  18. Vanessa aka Miss V

    lol wow … this is getting spicy!

  19. RightCoastLexSteele

    “So dont believe everything your ear lobe catches, it mostly backwards, unless it happens to be as accurate as me, and everything said in song you happen to see, then actually belief half of what you see, none of what hear even if it’s spat by me…and with that said I’ma kill ni99as dead…”

    I’m very shy in person, actually. But seriously, hopefully this a business holla, because I have contractual obligations that does not permit to accept personal hollas. Holla.

  20. Wow. I know from experience that 7 minutes (from penetration) is not enough. It has to be…well…more than that but less than oh say an hour. So between 20 minutes and an hour. Yep that sounds perfect.

  21. I mean, this all depends on your situation as well. What sex are you having, that H-Town “Knock Da Boots” baby making or that Luda “What’s Your Fantasy” type ish?

    If you’re looking for that freaky-deaky stuff, three minutes can be enough (i.e. public settings). If it something else…well, 13 seems a bit short on time even if we’re only counting penetration.

    I feel you on that after sex music, RightCoast, good money!

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