The Ultimate Odd Couple

It’s summertime, which means most of you may be adding another type of party to your repertoire besides First Fridays and those After Work mixers, the infamous Boat Ride. It’s an old past time for most Black people. If you don’t know about it ask a friend, they’ll put you on. And then you won’t be able to escape. We here at Three Ways have gotten numerous invites to hit the high seas with fraternities, sororities, entrepreneurial organizations, the Key Club, etc. And I’ve seen countless more invites floating around on Facebook. I’m all about us exploring new venues, but since when did Black people and boats become a good idea?

It may be on the approved list of things that we like, but it’s a bit ironic isn’t it? Honestly, we don’t have the best track record with boats. At the very least, not the best first impression. Think about it… Ok. I guess like the infamous N word, we’ve turned a bad thing into a good thing. Right. Even with that and the fact that America will be apologizing for slavery any day now (any day now…), I’m still apprehensive.

Why? I still don’t see many Black Olympic swimmers, I did see one at the opening, and the ones I do see aren’t that impressive (check out the video below).  Nor have I seen any Black kids in the deep end of the pool. So unless I missed the memo, I’m pretty sure that Black people still don’t do water. Deep water that is. We do the beach. I know we’re all about expanding, but let’s not over step our boundaries here. Deep for us is neck level. I’m grown and I still want to feel something underneath my feet. And for the record I can swim. Just not very well. And that’s exactly what everyone says…

Water just isn’t our thing, so maybe we should lay off the boats. Hit the community pool and let’s get an apology from boat makers nationwide. Just some words of wisdom for the next time you get an invite for a Boat Ride. If you aren’t down with the movement, rock some booties and a life vest and live it up like Jigga on the Big Pimpin video. Just make sure you don’t fall off the side. Cause that’ll be in my next blog.

Hope you enjoy the summer & the sarcasm,


This somewhat funny post is dedicated to one of the funniest gentlemen to ever grace the stage – Bernie Mac.



7 responses to “The Ultimate Odd Couple

  1. Southern Belle

    Maybe you’re just over thinking the situation. Slaves were out in the fields picking rice, rice is scarce in Africa, maybe “Rice just isn’t [y]our thing…” Black people enjoying time on a boat for once is a sign of change, something you, Seattle, rant and rave about. I’d advise you to read the previous post on this blog and apply the same concept, “No boy, it’s not that deep.”

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I happen to be at a computer, so I’ll chime in…

    I see the point your making. It is a change. We haven’t posted enough entries for you to understand our personalities and when we are joking and when we are being serious. I happen to like boat rides, and I can swim just enough to get to safety as long as I don’t cramp up. I’m sure Seattle feels the same. Nonetheless, I don’t think this was intended to be deeper than a 10 foot pool. My post scheduled for Monday however, that’s another story…stay tuned.

    Once again, thanks for commenting. I hope you continue to visit the blog in the future.

  3. seattlewashington

    First off , thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you taking the time to read & even comment. This post was just for humor. I wasn’t overthinking, just making an observation, as comedic writers often do. But if you like more deep entries, like my boy Slim said, we’ll have you covered on Monday & I got you in the future. Stay tuned.

  4. Oh gosh, growing up we went to the most bootleg boat rides, real laid back, but now I get invited to parties on those same raggedy-ish boats for “elegant” white parties (I by the way despise white parties, but that’s another topic for another time)

  5. You know, I too have fallen into this “boat ride” thing and quite frankly, it’s not that bad…i like it actually…cept you can’t get off…something still very creepy about that…

  6. Seattle Washington

    See I’m not a fan of being held captive. Like a high school dance where you’re not allowed to leave. I’ve heard one too many boat parties that got whack real fast and then you’re just stuck there. With an open bar. On 2nd thought, maybe that’s not so bad…

  7. RightCoastLexSteele

    Nothing is bad with open bar. If Hell has one, I’m so there…

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